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June 12, 1999

Jamie Langenbrunner

Joe Nieuwendyk


Q. You think it was ten years for you getting out of first rounds. Talk about what this means for you to be in this place at this time.

JOE NIEUWENDYK: Feels great. I think we got a special group of guys here. I felt that way in 1989 too. So you know, we were not done yet. But today was a real big step for us.

Q. Can you two guys comment on your chemistry; especially with Dave Reid?

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: I think we are working real hard and trying -- by doing that, we are creating a lot of opportunities. I think we are complementing each other really well. We are sticking with it. It is not coming easy and not coming early up for us; most of the time it is coming late. We stick with it; eventually they go in for us.

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I agree. We got real good chemistry on our line. Jamie's third year in the League, but he is certainly not playing that way. He is playing like he has been through this type of war before. Dave Reid has been a nice addition for our line. He is a big man and tough to move out there and he seems to create a lot of room for Jamie and so it is working well.

Q. Joe, any special pressure on you with Modano injured -- provide goals (inaudible) --

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I think responsibility falls on the rest of the team as well. Everyone knows he is hurt and when you lose a guy like Brett Hull, too, it is real tough on your hockey club. But I just think it shows the character of our team. Guys pulled hard together and tightened things up defensively and it still didn't take anything away from our offense. We still had some quality chances out there.

Q. Ken Hitchcock described you as a man-on-a-mission. I am wondering how much sitting out last year's Playoffs has impacted on how you are playing this year's --

JOE NIEUWENDYK: It was difficult last year not being a part of it. Especially at this point when you realize what it takes to go through this Playoff run to get to this position and not to be there last year for my teammates was disappointing. So I am just thrilled to death to be healthy and playing and, you know, doing what I can to help this team win.

Q. Did you ever start to doubt it? Two years ago you went out in seven games; you had the great chance in overtime last year. I think you played two minutes. Do you get doubt -- how low does it go before you get back up here?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: Well, I mean, it is frustrating, but we have been building something real positive here in Dallas for the last two or three years, and, you know, at the start of each season that you have got a good hockey club and you have got a chance to win, so, those kind of things keep you going and keep you driven. Last year is behind me. This year is a new year. I felt real focused coming into Playoffs. You never know what is going to happen year to year.

Q. Joe, your coach described the winner as a scorer's goal. Jamie, you did all the leg work on it. Could you both please comment on your roles in that?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I mean, we had the puck in there for a little while. Jamie did a great job getting it to the front of the net; just went through a few legs; came on my stick and I just pulled it to my forehand and Hasek's always on his way down, so I was just able to get a fortunate shot away upstairs and -- top corner. Guys away from the puck were working real hard for me.

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: Dave Reid, too, can't say much about the addition. He's tough to move; started the cycle; opened up the room, like Joe said, just throw it there. Any time you got a guy like Joe on the line, he seems to find a way.

Q. Surprised he was wide open?

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: Joe is known for finding open ice and getting wide open. Some guys have it and some don't. Joe definitely has it.

Q. Ever see Carbonneau play like this? What is it going to take to slow him down?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: Again, you talk about the character of our hockey team, the Carbonneaus, the Dave Reids, the Ludwigs, the Keanes, these guys, they have done this before and it shows out there. We got down early today, 1-0 and we didn't panic. Because those types of players keep a team calm. We just stuck with it; stuck with it; eventually it paid off. Can't say enough about the veteran leadership we have on this team.

Q. Jamie, this isn't the first time you guys ended up with more blocked shots than Eddie has had saves. Just the commitment blocking shots defensively....

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: We had a real commitment to defense -- when you got guys on the back end like Matvichuk and Ludwig and Hatcher, they are not afraid to lay down and block anything. Right now everybody is doing what they have to win, those guys, that is a big part of their game and they are doing it to perfection right now.

Q. Joe, did you find that there was a little more room in front of the net tonight than there has been?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I don't think so. They are real tough. They are playing D real well. They are battling hard. I think our lines are battling hard too. It is just -- it's a war out there. Sometimes you get some opportunities; tonight the puck seemed to be bouncing our way. Jamie's from behind the net; went through a few legs before it ended up on my stick. Sometimes it works that way.

Q. This is 9 or 10 game winners for the two of you. I think you tied the NHL for Playoff game winners. What is going on here? Is this all circumstance or --

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I just think we are really focused. Jamie and I are roommates. We just get each other ready every night and that is kind of the way our team operates. We push and pull together and we don't get down. We don't let anything bother us, you know, we are just working hard; just focused, and battling out there.

End of FastScripts....

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