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May 26, 2003

Scott Niedermayer

Scott Stevens


Q. Scott, you guys have 15 guys that have won a Cup on your team. How important is that experience at this time of year?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: If we get into situations, hopefully some guys have been there before and have learned from it. I think obviously experience is something you want to say you've learned from, and that makes you better in the current situation or whatever. I think, we have that, but there is a lot more to hockey than just having experience.

Q. You've talked about how tough it is to play against your brother. For you personally, what's the toughest thing about it, and what have you sort of learned in the times you've played him in the past that you're going to try to use in this series?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: Well, I think the easiest thing and the thing I can do is go out there and concentrate on how I'm playing and what I can do out there, and whether he's in the corner with me or somebody else, kind of play it the same way I would; be focused on playing my best and helping my team be its best.

Q. Scott, in that same vein, are you surprised to see that your mother said you've won two so it's Rob's turn?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: I got a lot of grief from my teammates. It might backfire on my mom. Hopefully my brother will have another chance somewhere down the road.

Q. What's it been like in your family with discussions about the both of you being here?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: There hasn't been a lot of discussion really. We have both been around a long while . We're just focused on trying to get out on the ice and play as well as we can, help our teams, and all that other stuff will happen, and we'll talk about it after.

Q. How much grief have you given your younger brother through the years that you have two Cups and he has none?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: He would give me grief. It was the other way around. I'm a year older, so when we were younger I was a fair bit bigger than him. In our younger days I gave him a lot and toned it down as we got older and he got bigger.

Q. For Scott Stevens, what's your take on the rest issue, rust versus rest, in your experience, if you were in their situation where there was 10 or 11 days off?

SCOTT STEVENS: I think it will help. Their coach has done a good job keeping them ready and in good shape. I don't think it will be a problem for them. I think at this time of year, when there is so much at stake, that doesn't really come into play.

Q. Scott, the Cup being back here for the third time in four years, I still don't think people think of New Jersey as a hockey mecca like when you think about Toronto, Montreal. Tell us a little bit about what makes Jersey a special place and also hockey-wise?

SCOTT STEVENS: It's fun to play here. We have had a great team for many years. We pride ourselves on winning and being the best we can be. That's helped us get back to the Finals. It takes a while for people to get excited. There is lots to do in New Jersey, being so close to New York. We were excited to have a full building in the Conference Finals; and definitely it will be like that in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Q. Scott Stevens, the first two rounds, you kind of knew which line you would go out against. Can you do that with the Anaheim team?

SCOTT STEVENS: They're getting scoring from a lot of different people. That's why they have been successful playing well as a team and defensively. There is obviously players that are capable of scoring more so than others. There are still other guys that are helping out and chipping in, and that's what it it's all about in the playoffs and about winning.

Q. Scott Niedermayer, can you talk about why both you and Rob are both such strong skaters? Is it genetics or technique or teaching?

SCOTT NIEDERMAYER: It's probably a bit of everything I guess. We were on the ice a lot when we were younger, and we took a lot of instruction in skating when we were younger. I guess you also have to have the physical ability as well to do it. We have been lucky with that. Being brothers and being able to both do it well, that obviously points in that direction.

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