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May 23, 1997

Mark Messier


Q. You looked angry that you had lost the game.

MARK MESSIER: Well, a little bit kind of the same feeling again as in the last game. I was a little bit -- we think we can win. We are not discouraged at all after the game. In fact, like I say, we are a little disappointed that we didn't put the finishing touch on that. We feel we can win. We will regroup tomorrow.


MARK MESSIER: Like I said, the feeling in the dressing room was we feel that we can win. And, I think that is the most important, more so than experience or, whatever is that you believe you can win. Last two games there we fell behind in the third game and came back and let it slip away and then fought back again tonight some. Like I say, we are not discouraged. We are angry.

Q. Other than the outcome, did you do what you wanted to?

MARK MESSIER: I think we missed at the net a few times, especially some of the powerplays the second period. You have got to hit the net for sure. He is not passing many shots.

Q. Was there a breakdown on the last call?

MARK MESSIER: Like I say, I don't know if there was a breakdown. I have to see the replay on it.

Q. Bouncing pass over the stick. What was that shot (inaudible)?

MARK MESSIER: Just try to time it as the ice -- when you don't want it to keep bouncing like that.

Q. The first goal?

MARK MESSIER: Not as much as it did in the first two series.

Q. Seemed like the game went on like you really controlled the pace of the game?

MARK MESSIER: We played a great second period too. We got -- we killed penalties the whole first period, so, I don't think you can tell how we played in the first period because we were shorthanded all the time. We killed four or five penalties. So, the last, you know, the second, third period I thought we played really good hockey. We are playing decent hockey. I thought we played an excellent game tonight. Other than the first period there, we got a little bit anxious and a little bit careless at times with the penalties. But we settled down. Second and third period, we played excellent. But they did too. They played a solid game.

Q. You always put the burden on yourself. Are you upset that you haven't been able to --

MARK MESSIER: I am happy when I win and I am disappointed when I lose. That is the bottom line at this time of year. It is all about winning. When we win, I am happy. When we lose, I feel disappointed that I didn't do more to win.

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