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May 10, 2003

Jacques Martin


Q. Jacques, did you expect such a wide open game with so many odd-man rushes, breakaways, big scoring chances from these two teams which are said to be defensive?

COACH MARTIN: Well, I think that I can't say I was expecting that but I am expecting some good plays because both teams have great speed, both teams play a puck-controlled game and have some very skilled players, and I think that good defense creates good offense. I thought it was a game where we -- we have to be better next game. I think we had a good start but the second period we didn't -- we made some mistakes and they are a team that's going to capitalize if you give them the opportunity.

Q. Jacques, we're used to seeing the Ottawa Senators wilt after giving up two goal advantages in the Playoffs. This looks like a different team this year. Can you explain what your team is doing differently and how it may be more battle ready this year than it has been in the past?

COACH MARTIN: I think there's lots of changes. I think first of all, I think I have explained that before, I think we proved during the regular season what kind of team we are, but I think that a lot of our key players have been here for a while and have learned over the years and have gotten better, but a factor has been definitely our depth. You look at a game like tonight, you know, like we got goals from Van Allen, from Neil, so I mean, I think that has been a key with our hockey club. I think our depth has been a factor. We have added some dimensions, it's an accumulation of all those factors that makes a better team but we know that we're going to have to be better next game. They are a good hockey club and when it goes to overtime it's tight.

Q. How would you describe the composure of the team after giving up the 2-goal lead, calm --

COACH MARTIN: We know that we weren't good at that time, like we made some mistakes and we talked about a couple of things that we had to be better in. We had 20 minutes, to go out and work hard and opportunities are going to come if you do the little things right.

Q. At the end of the first period when Chara was penalized for illegal substitution, did they not tell him that he had a penalty?

COACH MARTIN: I don't think he knew what happened. I think he went in and then he was skating away maybe as they told him but I don't think he was aware of it because the announcement didn't come and there was no penalties on the clock. It ended up costing us a penalty. I think it's something that needs to be addressed and be better at.

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