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May 15, 2003

Jacques Martin


Q. What did you like about what your team did and what didn't you like about what your team did? Were they able to match the effort of the Devils tonight?

COACH MARTIN: What I like is I think our goaltending was very good. I think Patrick gave us a chance to win, really. To me, third period, we competed and we have to play like that for three periods.

Q. You mentioned you didn't remember goaltending. Can you just talk about the play of Brodeur tonight?

COACH MARTIN: I don't think we really tested him until the third period. He made the saves in the third but until then we didn't have that many good chance.

Q. How disappointing is it to say that your guys didn't come out in the first two periods, really? How disappointing is that for you in the Conference Finals?

COACH MARTIN: I think it's a matter of we took some penalties and I think that got us in trouble in the second period. We just have to regroup and be ready for Saturday.

Q. What are the Devils doing particularly to your right wingers; is rendering them sort of ineffective in the series, particularly the last two games?

COACH MARTIN: Well, it's not so much the right wingers. When you're attacking you have five guys attacking. They are playing well defensively. You know, it's a situation where you take the puck back in your zone and if you get yourself in trouble. That's how we gave the first goal.

Q. Just also, on the goal that was the no-goal there, could you comment on what you thought of it and do you think for your team, it was a chance to dodge a bullet and maybe a rallying point that you didn't take advantage of?

COACH MARTIN: Well, I didn't see it, so I can't comment on it. Sorry.

Q. Did you see the replay?


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