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May 18, 2003

Jacques Martin


Q. It has been four games. It strikes me they have been pretty well, almost exactly as advertised. Have they done anything that's really surprised you or is this pretty well exactly what you were in for when you went into this series?

COACH MARTIN: Yeah, I think before the series started I think that we knew what kind of team they were and they are a team that plays well away from the puck. That has been their forte all year. I do not think that's a surprise. I think they were the best team as far as goals-against during the regular season and they have continued that way. I think when you look at you know, when you look at chances I think after the four games I think the chances are, I think, are even in the series. So it has been a tight series that way and the results aren't an indication I guess, but those are things that I think you try to build on; some of the good things that you do and you got to try to exploit those.

Q. The Senators and a lot of these players are still -- were part of a lot of those Playoff teams. They have never won one facing elimination. How do you overcome that adversity especially against a good team like the Devils?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: Well, I think you just got to look at it from the standpoint one game at a time. You just got to -- you win tomorrow's game and then it's two games after. You look at our record during the regular season we lost the first game against them. We came back and won three against them. You look at teams that have overcome this year, like you like at Minnesota, they were down to Colorado and they were down to Vancouver and came back. It's about us as far as getting bringing our best game forward tomorrow and for 60 minutes.

Q. The fact that Alfredsson and Hossa and Havlat are being singled out for not scoring, how unfair do you think that is or fair?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: Well, I think it's a team game when you look at hockey. I thought Alfredsson had a pretty strong game yesterday. I thought he was involved in the forecheck, finished some checks. You just have to look at the first goal, you know, he created that first goal with good pressure on their defense and in the second period I think probably yesterday the second period was probably the best period that we played. We created several good chances and Brodeur made some good saves. But I think you are looking for those guys to score but you are looking for anybody to score. New Jersey is a good example, I think Pandolfo has got three goals in this series and he's one of their checkers; doesn't matter who scores. What matters is to win the game. You are looking for some production from anybody, looking for some good defensive play, strong play.

Q. In this situation does emotion take a bigger hand than just skill and strategy?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: Well, I think emotion -- that's part of it, but at the same time, it's got to be controlled emotion. I think yesterday probably we took a couple of penalties that weren't good penalties and you can't have retaliation penalty at this point in time. So it's something that I talked to the team about today from the standpoint that you need to be disciplined. You need to turn the cheek. It's a situation where the team has to come first and you hope sometimes that calls are going to be made but if they are not, you can't retaliate. You have got to take it for the hockey club.

Q. You talked about the chances being even. Does that mean that Patty may not be as solid as he has been the previous series?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: No, I don't think so. I think -- I mean, you look at Game 3 he was outstanding. I think that we have got to do a better job finishing. I think when you look at a game like yesterday the specialty teams is probably the difference in the hockey game. They got two powerplay goals and one shorthanded. I think that's the one area that we need to be better at.

Q. Do you feel that your team needs a shake-up to get themselves out of this and like do you envisage maybe bringing in some people who haven't played yet?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: We'll make that decision tomorrow night game time.

Q. When you spoke to your players this morning, what was the mood? How did the players react?

COACH JACQUES MARTIN: I think the mood is good. Players have a good perception. They have a pretty realistic perception from the standpoint that like yesterday I think for two periods we controlled the play pretty good. We had lots of good opportunities and we just got to be like that for 60 minutes and hopefully maybe to get a break or two at the same time. Like I think sometimes that makes the difference in the hockey game.

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