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January 17, 1998

Al MacInnis


Q. Chelios was ahead of everybody. There you come. What was going through your mind?

AL MacINNIS: Well, doesn't matter how many times you come here and try to do it, you always get nervous out there, your legs get a little weak. You just don't want to embarrass yourself. You want to hit the net and do the best you can. Just when the old school is still using the wooden sheer woods, still working, so it was fun out there. Did a good job.

Q. When you hit the one, I know it's only a split second, could you tell that's got to be close to a hundred miles an hour?

AL MacINNIS: I don't think so. Sometimes you think you got ahold of a good one. Don't register as hard or as fast as you think. The first one, you want to get a good, solid shot in there, kind of go for the gusto on the second one. That's kind of what happened.

Q. (Inaudible)

AL MacINNIS: Well, I don't know. It was the first time -- I didn't really think I could break the hundred miles an hour barrier. Now this is the first time in four or five opportunities I did. It's kind of fun. It's always a good weekend. Like I said earlier, no matter how many times you go out there, you're still nervous.

Q. Obviously, the shoulder didn't cause you any problems?

AL MacINNIS: No, the shoulder is strong, it feels good. Hopefully it will stay healthy for the end of the year.

Q. Not a bad ending.

AL MacINNIS: Would have been a nice ending. Obviously Hasek took it from us. He was unbelievable in there. I guess that's why he's the MVP, the trophy winner for the last year. It's entertaining out there. I think it came down to the wire. I think that's what the fans wanted to see.

Q. Can you talk about competing in this format, the way it's set up?

AL MacINNIS: I think everybody's looking forward to the change, no question. You know, I think the players are as curious as the fans and media about how the game is going to be played out there. The change in format, who knows. But whatever way the game is played out there, might be a contact game; might not be. They're going to see some great goals. They're going to see some great saves, like today. What we have to do is go out and entertain the fans. If you look at the caliber of players on both teams, shouldn't be a problem.

Q. What about the shootout? I know they made some proposals for rule changes. Earlier today. The shootout wasn't one them. Got the fans pretty excited, though.

AL MacINNIS: The break?

Q. The breakaway.

AL MacINNIS: Well, sure. That's something that's actually discussed through the NHL PA and the NHL about actually having shootouts at the end of ties. It's been discussed among both groups. You know, when you come to a function like this, see it, it's pretty entertaining. Keeps the fans on the edge of their seats. You know, might be something to consider down the road.

Q. Would you like it?

AL MacINNIS: I think so. I don't know if I'd want to shoot in them (laughter). You know, every team has got some players that can put the puck in the net obviously. The other minor pro leagues have inserted that into their game. It's something to consider. I think it's great for the fans. You know, they look to change the game and entertain the fans more. That's certainly one of the options.

Q. Going for a hundred miles an hour is like going for the sound barrier?

AL MacINNIS: I don't know if it's that serious (laughter). I guess it's kind of the barrier to break. I see what your point is. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do it. If you had a number of shots, if you had 20 opportunities, your best stick, all the different things that have to go with it. I mean, you only get two cracks at it. Like I say, get a decent shot in there, take a good crack at it. If it turns out well, you don't worry about what happens in the second one, if you break your stick, miss the net or whatever. But it was kind of nice to break the hundred miles an hour barrier for the first time.

Q. Had you ever done it before?

AL MacINNIS: No, I haven't. We set it up one time in Calgary a number of years ago. I was never able to do it, even fooling around. It's always nice to do it in front of 20,000 fans on national TV. It was kind of fun.

Q. (Inaudible)

AL MacINNIS: Well, probably four inches and about 40 pounds. He's a big, big boy. His percentage of coming to this thing and winning it are I'm sure a lot better than mine. I think I'm 0 for 9 and he's 3 for 3. He's a big man and can shoot the puck hard. There's a number of guys in the league, a lot of them aren't here, that can probably shoot it as hard. It's a reputation. Patrick Roy didn't help matters when he picked me to win earlier in the contest. It turned out okay.

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