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January 19, 1996

Eric Lindros



ERIC LINDROS: It is a great opportunity for our game. The media attention is incredible. If you can't do it now, I don't think it is really -- it is going to get any better than what they are now. It is a great game, it deserves everything --

Q. Do you feel a lot of the problems --

ERIC LINDROS: There is give and take in every situation. It's a goods time. We are going head to head against guys in the league. You know them as players, but you don't really know them as people. To have a chance to be in the locker room with them and, you know, share a laugh, I enjoy it. It is a lot of fun.


ERIC LINDROS: Got a lot of great guys here. It is a different situation. It is not -- it's a fun thing.


ERIC LINDROS: I don't know enough about the puck. A puck is a puck. And I guess they are saying they can do amazing things with it; that is great for TV. If it will help, I don't know. I don't know enough about it.

Q. What animal would you relate your athletic skills to?

ERIC LINDROS: I don't know. I couldn't tell you. Maybe the Moose.

Q. Is there really a lot of hate between players?

ERIC LINDROS: I wouldn't say hate. It is tension, rivalries. You are competitive. I wouldn't call it hate. It is a lot of if, you know.


ERIC LINDROS: It is if, you know, for the players to come here and get to know people on a different level. Share a lot with them, being in the same room. This is a terrific vehicle for hockey to really expand itself to be known.

Q. There was damage done -- do you think the damage has all been repaired? (INAUDIBLE.)

ERIC LINDROS: I don't know. You are bringing it up obviously -- I think it has been worked on and improved. Hockey has a little ways to go and it is making some solid strides. It just takes time.

Q. Why is this game so terrific?

ERIC LINDROS: I don't think there is a team sport out there, obviously, that is as challenging to build the friendships that you see on the team. 25 guys sticking together through thick and thin. It's what we have grown up doing. It is what we love to do.

Q. You would be the M.V.P. last year. You have gotten accolades not only by fans, but by the league -- to be rewarded for the hard work (inaudible).

ERIC LINDROS: It is the nature -- last year was last year and it was a lot of fun. It is an individual award. It isn't the Stanley Cup and that is something that I think if you run around and ask anybody if they want a scoring title or the Stanley Cup, the answer would be the Cup.

Q. How about playing in the All-Star game, but yet the Legend's game is on tonight. Is there anybody here that you are looking forward to seeing? )

ERIC LINDROS: I grew up watching Mess. Don't tell him that.

Q. Tonight you are playing on the same team with him.

ERIC LINDROS: Yeah, he is sitting right next to me too. I better keep quiet.

Q. Seriously when you were growing up you had a poster of Mess up?

ERIC LINDROS: I won a stick from him for my 16th birthday.

Q. What was it about him that made you want to either emulate him and how do you feel about him now?

ERIC LINDROS: I mean his game -- he is at the top of his game right now - his speed; his intensity; his drive; his ability to lead, it is uncanny.

Q. The ability to lead, why is Mark Messier arguably the best leader in sports?

ERIC LINDROS: I think to have a good leader you have to understand the situation. Every player needs to be treated a little bit differently. You got to be able to go out and do it yourself; to do what you preach and certainly he is that, for sure.

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