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January 19, 1996

Eric Lindros


Q. What is it like to play against rivals one day and next day they are on your team?

ERIC LINDROS: Yeah, that is what makes this so interesting is here you go into battle for 82 games a year, and in the playoffs with guys it is your job to root and win, you are trying to win hockey games and they are trying to win hockey games, and there is a lot of negativeness involved. Then you come to a situation like this where it is a little bit more social. You get to see the guys, share a laugh with them, understand them maybe a little bit more, and have a good time.

Q. Pretty much leave the rivalry on the ice?

ERIC LINDROS: Absolutely.

Q. Like this is a threeday reprieve?

ERIC LINDROS: I don't think anybody wasn't pulling for anybody on each side not to succeed.

Q. How overwhelming is the media crush on a weekend like this?

ERIC LINDROS: You have to expect it. It is not too bad. All these players -- it is not -- I wouldn't say it is that overwhelming. You have to except it. You have got some great names here. All these players in the game are going to go down in history as some of the best that ever played it, but it is a hell of a weekend. Media attention is the way it should be with those kinds of players

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