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June 3, 1997

Eric Lindros


Q. Quick starts. How do you feel it was for them as compared to you?

ERIC LINDROS: I thought we had a good start besides the Shanahan goal. We were jumping and getting into our fore-check with good opportunity.

Q. Mood in the locker room, stunned atmosphere?

ERIC LINDROS: No dropped heads. The word "quit" has never been -- never entered the room. We play well on the road. We expect to do good things in Detroit.

Q. Tough coming back after this loss?

ERIC LINDROS: Haven't had a lead to work with yet, but the pressure is on them with a 2-0 lead. They are supposed to win it and we will go to Detroit to see what happens.

Q. What would you do differently?

ERIC LINDROS: We didn't find the net and shoot as often as we can. The ice gets bad late in the spring, it is time to shoot the puck (INAUDIBLE). If we just keep to our basic game, I am sure we can get through.

Q. What do you think was good

ERIC LINDROS: Our power play was good. Our play in the neutral zone game was good. As far as getting the puck to the fore-check, if we continue to do that, we are going to do well.

Q. Your loss of Svoboda tonight, how did that play a factor as far as getting the puck out of your own zone?

ERIC LINDROS: Obviously losing a player of Petr's caliber and ability, he is a big part of our defense. He is not talked about a lot. He is steady every night. Losing him hasn't helped the situation. We are going to have to do our job to come back here.

Q. Are you surprised of their ability of them to capitalize on even the slightest of mistakes?

ERIC LINDROS: It is hockey. It is the way things have been going for them right now and hopefully we can turn it around and get it to bounce our way.

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