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May 12, 2003

Jacques Lemaire


JACQUES LEMAIRE: This seat is hot.

Q. How do you make it cooler? Coach, you have been a good road team in the playoffs, not a good home team. Are you happy to be going on the road.

JACQUES LEMAIRE: If we're like that, I'm happy, very happy. It's not that. For some reason, I don't know, we're not playing as well, or not getting the breaks. You know, it doesn't take a lot to turn it around, you get to two short-handed goals, that's kind of tough for a team. There is no doubt, and on two of them, one hit the another point man's stick, and the other one we broke our stick for a break-away, so these are the type of breaks that we're looking for.

Q. Do you think Giguere is starting to get into the heads of some of your players. A couple times they had shots and the puck went off their stick, they were trying to be too fine with it?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: You got to give -- first of all, you got to give him credit the way he's playing. He's playing very good, and the other thing is their defensemen are playing very well, too. So, you don't have a lot of time to shoot, you don't have a lot of time to look where you should shoot. You got somebody close to you and you got to rush your motion, and a lot of time it doesn't go where you want. I don't think it's because he's getting -- well, maybe in some of the guys, but I don't think he's getting into anybody's, you know, the majority.

Q. Are they playing about as well defensively to hold you down?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: They play well. They play very well defensively. You know, they collapse a lot. We had a lot of shots from points that never got to the net because they're all in front of the netting. It hits a pad, a skate, a stick, but, you know, you got to keep going. We work hard. I felt that we had maybe six, seven guys not at their best, and you know, to beat that team we have to be at our best.

Q. You played Bouchard --

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Let's say to score one goal, we have to be at our best.

Q. You played Bouchard. Are you trying to give some guys a rest or trying to stir things up?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Trying to use fresh guys, you know, fresh bodies that will bring a little more life.

Q. Jimmy, is he struggling to get shots and chances?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Jimmy is skating well, but he's not the scoring type of player or play maker. You know, we had a hard time to score the first game. We had a lot of chances, and we felt that maybe Bouchard can, you know, get an assist or a goal.

Q. Jacques, did you have some players that tried to do it by themselves tonight?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: You saw the game. You saw the game. We did at different times there, and that is also experience that we don't have. The worst thing you can do in the playoffs is try to do it by yourself. That is the worst thing. Then you don't have the team anymore. You're not working together, and one guy is so easy to stop.

Q. How much of what's going on with Manny's dad had an effect on whether or not you would have played him tonight? Is Rollie going to be your game 2 starter?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Rollie was my choice.

Q. You know Mark, too. How is this affecting you? Are you concerned about what's going to take place tomorrow morning?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: I think it's a lot tougher for Manny than myself. You know, he's staying in touch and he wants to know where it's going. He's got dad on his mind, there is no doubt.

Q. The powerplay is -2, I guess, now. Are you going to look at making any changes there?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Who you want? Just send me a little letter there who you want, I'm going to try that.

Q. On that first short-handed goal, did you have some guys let up a little bit after the penalty was called? It seemed like they were more intent on talking to the referee?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: There was a couple more guys like that, and the other three came back. We were there. We were there. Zholtok was right near the shooter, and when he put his stick there it hit his stick and went in.

Q. Have they been keying on Gaborik, you think, and what about his ice time? It's down a little bit. Is he sick?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: No, he's not sick.

Q. Are you unhappy with something?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Gabby started to play really hard, the way he should play, when it was 2-0. That's when he started to play as well as he can play.

Q. Your team, you know, when it's down 3-1, has played its best games. Do you anticipate them playing their best game in game 3?


Q. Is this the same sort of hole as 3 to 1?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Because it will be short if we're not. It's exactly the same way as 3-1.

Q. Jacques, against Vancouver and Colorado you were significant underdogs going in. In this series it's a pick-up kind of thing. Does that change the feel of the competition for your team a bit?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Big time. I think that is the most important thing, even before the game there, Mario and Mike went in the room and they said the guys are a little flat, and I went back in and I looked at them, and it was maybe six minutes before we started, and I said, I think they're thinking. They're worrying about something, and, you know, I felt we could skate better than we did. You know, this is a good skating team, puck control. You have -- you need speed to play against them.

Q. Do you need to find a way to make Giguere a little more uncomfortable in the net, either by crowding him or something?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: We got to get the puck there. Sometimes we get it in the paint, the puck is going out. We got to get the puck in the paint, go in the paint.

Q. Do you remember in all your experience in the playoffs where a team continues to dig a hole like this. This is a third straight series you have been in a hole now?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Never, well, I don't remember. The thing is being in the hole, it's nothing if you're going to bin. It's great, it's even greater, because -- you know, you're close to being eliminated and then guys regroup and start to play, and the excitement and all that, it's something that, you know, every player would like to live, and -- but if you're leading all the time, then it means you've got a great team and you're going through it, but like this, it's a lot different to me.

Q. How have you guys been able to regroup?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Well, we'll see how we can do it here. Like I said, we -- to me, it's only a matter of, you know, getting a goal here and there, and the -- you could see the -- all the atmosphere change on the guys on the bench, in the room. You know they feel a lot better. We came close like just before they got their first goal there. Cliff Ronning brought the puck right in and we didn't score there, and after that, there is another great chance just before they scored the second goal, and if you get a break there, it changes again. Then you start to go, you're positive, and the guys are coming back frustrated a bit, which doesn't help on a team like us. You know, if you do have experience of playoffs, and the guys at times, they get back and they're frustrated, you know, it goes away like the next shift, but our guys, it's a little different, but even though that I said they were not at their best, some of them, you know, I'm proud of how they work. They tried. Thank you.

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