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May 15, 2003

Jacques Lemaire


Q. Jacques, your team, obviously, has been able to overcome some tough spots the first two series. Do you feel like your guys can answer that challenge again tomorrow?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Well, it's a huge challenge. There is no doubt about that. I guess right now we're not in a situation to look at coming back. We're not in a situation that we look at winning a game. We're in the situation to look for one goal. We've got to start with a goal, otherwise we can't win. We're looking for one goal.

Q. Jacques, what do you tell the team to get them ready? Mentally, how are you going to get this team ready to step on the ice?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: You just want them to -- you don't want them depressed, that's one thing, thinking about everything's over and it's done, we can't come back, and we can't score. This guy's playing the best hockey. So, what we're trying to do is be positive with them, look at the good things we're doing, and just go on the ice, try to work, try to start to get a goal.

Q. What did you think the atmosphere was like on the ice? You worked, but it was kind of quiet. Were you trying to conserve energy or do you think the guys are a little bit down?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Maybe they seemed a little more relaxed or lack of energy, because of the type of practice we made, because at the start, we went on and did some skating drills, just one we did. They were skating well, moving the puck well, and then when you start to do things that doesn't use a lot of skating or, you know, you're not going up and down the ice, then you don't see any intensity. We worked more passing the puck, getting some shots, knowing the angle of the rebounds, looking for tips, things like that, that could help us to get a goal.

Q. You may have just answered my question. You look at the chances you got in Game One and yesterday. Is there anything you guys can do better and differently or is it just a matter of getting the breaks that you talked about?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Well, probably try to -- last game they had a little more chances than they usually do. We'll try to cut that down.

Q. Working on the powerplay, you had Stevenson back out there. It looks like you had two guys trying to crash the net a bit moving it a little bit more along the half wall. Is there something else you're trying to generate?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: Shots from the point, shots from the side, having guys going at the net, all the usual stuff that every team does. The thing is, even though you practice these types of plays, in the game sometimes, that particular play is not there, it's not available. So, then you've got to go back to the point, or if the point is not open, you go down low. If down low is not open, then you can get a shot. You know, it's just to make them move the puck, and, you know, feel good about position they're in.

Q. At one point they were talking about how frustrated they were. They may be angry now. Is that a good thing, do you think?

JACQUES LEMAIRE: If they're angry, it's good. It's good, because it means they will have energy.

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