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April 25, 1998

Alberto Berasategui


Q. How do you analyze what happened in the third?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: Well, maybe at 5-1 I got a little bit confidence. I think two or three match points at 5-2. After he play well. Maybe I didn't know how to finish. But he play well, bravo for him.

Q. Have you ever been so close to win a match, not only with the match points, but the fact you were dominating so much, and losing it afterwards?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: I think I have some matches that they were maybe as close as today, but maybe today was maybe the most important one. I also won some matches that I had like this.

Q. How do you see the second and third set? Were you surprised at how Cedric was playing, the mistakes he was making?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: He was -- usually he wasn't making a lot of mistakes. I thought he was getting tired. But it was rare for him to make so many mistakes. But I was just keeping playing my game and trying to move him around, as well as I did the first set. Obviously, I didn't know how to finish.

Q. Did you become nervous in the tiebreaker?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: A little bit, but not too much. Maybe probably the same as him. But he served well at 5-All. He make a good volley. The next point, I missed the backhand. But I was nervous, but not as much as maybe I should have.

Q. What makes him difficult to play when he's playing well?


Q. What makes him particularly difficult to play when he's playing well?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: I don't think he's really difficult to play against him when he plays well. I mean, he has a really good backhand, a good serve. He probably has good all-around game. But he doesn't make you play very difficult, very insecure, no? He lets you play a lot. If I'm fast with my forehand, I can run a lot with my forehand. Easy to play for me. But he also doesn't make too many mistakes. Today he did, but usually he doesn't. Doesn't make you play uncomfortable.

Q. Do you feel you got tired at the end with all the matches you played in the last three weeks?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: Physically, I wasn't too tired. I'm not too tired. Maybe mentally I was a little bit tired, but not physically.

Q. Next tournament?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: Is going to be Hamburg.

Q. Is your mental tiredness due to the fact you played so much during the last three weeks?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: Yeah, probably. I've been playing a lot, a lot of matches. Some of them, or all of them, were tough three-set matches. It makes you a little bit tired at the end. I was tired today, but that doesn't mean I should have lost.

Q. You played Moya the last two weeks. How do you see the final?

ALBERTO BERASATEGUI: Well, seeing Pioline today, I think he was tired. He make a lot of unforced errors after the first set. Watching Moya today and watching him the other day against Alex, I think he's playing really well. If I have to put my bet on, I would bet on Moya tomorrow. It's a five-set match. Maybe I see Pioline a little bit tired. But you never know. Today probably everybody was going to bet on me at 5-1, and I lost. It's a final, it's a different game.

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