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June 10, 1999

Jamie Langenbrunner

Joe Nieuwendyk


Q. Could you talk about Brett, in your opinion, is this the biggest goal of his career? You have played against him all these years....

JOE NIEUWENDYK: Well, I think definitely this ranks right up there. We expect that from Hull, though. He is a great shooter, a great goal scorer. We certainly need him in situations like that. I am sure that is one of the biggest of his career.

Q. If both of you could address this: Talk about if you felt like you were able to do what you wanted to do tonight in terms of making it more difficult for Hasek?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: Well, I think we accomplished that, but I mean, these games are battles. It is tough out there and for both teams it is physical. There is guys attacking at both nets, but I thought tonight in Game 2 we did get a little more traffic in front of him. He wasn't able to see as many pucks. If he wandered out of his net we were on him right away, just tried to disrupt his rhythm a little bit.

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: I think Joe said it all there, that was one of our focuses was to do that. For the most part, I think we did that throughout the full 60 minutes.

Q. Joe, so often in games like this when a team kills a penalty, especially a big one, a 5-on-3, you see that team go down the other end and score a goal. Didn't happen tonight. But were those thoughts running through your mind at all after you guys failed to capitalize on the 5-on-3?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: It was disappointing. You think it should almost be automatic on a 5-on-3 with a guy like Hull teeing him up from 20 feet out. But, you know, they are doing a good job on their penalty kill and certainly on their powerplay. It has been tough on specialty teams, but I think we battled hard tonight and we deserved to win. And that was the main thing out there. Specialty teams aside, I just think we were a little desperate tonight. We knew the situation, we came out and had a pretty good effort.

Q. Jamie, talk about your goal and the momentum that carried into the locker room at the time that you scored that goal?

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: I think any time you are struggling to score goals on a team, always going to get that first one. It was a great play by Matvichuk to get the shot. I was just there for the tip. When you get one by him then you know the confidence grows a little bit. I think that helps us a little bit tonight.

Q. Hitchcock talked about the fact that probably each one of these games would be much like the last two going down to the wire, decided in the last two minutes. Do you have a feeling that each one of these games you are going to have to walk the tight rope and it may come down to a powerplay at the end or lucky bounce?

JAMIE LANGENBRUNNER: I think that is the way it should be. This is the Finals. It should be great battles throughout and great battles throughout the whole game. You got two teams that are battling as hard as these two teams are. It is going to be like that. Nobody wants to give an inch, nobody is giving in. So it has been tough battles. I am sure it will continue through the next few games.

Q. Joe, the Sabres' coach just called Modano's hit on Hasek kind of a cheap shot. Do you kind of see a revenge factor in Game 3?

JOE NIEUWENDYK: I don't think so. You know, like I said before, it is just really physical out there. There is a lot of battles going on. Both teams are playing desperate. I don't think there is time for revenge. Every game is a new battle and you can't afford to put your team behind the eight ball, you know, there was a hit on Eddie Belfour in Game 1, so I mean, that is just the way the hockey is going right now. Both teams are playing pretty intense.

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