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May 22, 2003

Patrick Lalime


Q. Do you think they're dead? They looked like they were dead at the end?

PATRICK LALIME: I don't think they're dead at all. They're a good team. They get a lot of experience. You know, tomorrow is going to be a big game. Even if we're at home with our crowd, it's no gimme. We'll have to play our best game of the series.

Q. Pat Burns says the pressure is on Ottawa in Game 7. Do you buy that?

PATRICK LALIME: There's pressure everywhere. I'm sure they have as much pressure. They were leading 3-1. Of course, it's in our building. But, I mean, we just got to go and do it.

Q. What kind of style do you have to play to win?

PATRICK LALIME: Well, we don't want to change anything now. I mean, you know, lately we played well, a patient game. See what they give us. You know, we just going to make the best of our opportunities.

Q. After Game 4, do you feel a little vindicated the way you've come through the last two games?

PATRICK LALIME: Game 4, you know, it happens. You don't see the puck and stuff like that, it doesn't make your job any easier. But, you know, the most important thing is we bounced back so far. We won two, but we still have to win one more.

Q. Do you feel like you silenced people since Game 4?

PATRICK LALIME: There's always people, you know, it's their job to do. I'm not worried about that. I'm here to do my job in any way that I can do it. What anybody believes, I don't care.

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