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July 8, 1995

Steve Kelly


Yeah. I guess everything panned out for me. It was great, it was overwhelming.

That's my game and I mean you heard about NORTHLAND is the best ice in the league so that would benefit me. I guess, I mean, you know, just tradition you remember the Oilers from watching them grow up and I mean coming here it is going to be the team of the future and in the next couple of years they have a long line of talent and hopefully I can be part of that.

I mean -- I knew -- I thought I would be around this area. I mean everything panned out in front of me and the guys that were supposed to go higher went higher and I guess that left me in line.

Yeah. It's great. I mean I guess being in Canadian it is great for starters. You can play hockey in Canada that would be great. And being near home with the family all around, you don't have to travel far, yeah it's great to be here.

I had an interview with them and they told me they were pretty interested and they were also interested in a couple of us and they had to wait and see who meant and guess it was toss-up between me and a couple of other guys. I guess I was the one that got chosen.

Definitely, I mean there is our assistant coach is down and our goal coach from last year. And GN, a whole bunch of them came down yeah, it would be great to see a whole lot of guys go and meet up with them after.

Not at all I'm not expecting to play or to make it but I'll give it what I got at training camp and I'll see how I compare with the next caliber. I have not played that level I'll see how I compare. I'll probably go another year or two at junior and we'll see what happens. Whatever happens happens.

Probably just like skating with the puck. Setting-- creating chances for my wingers, but like do my speed and that and passing the puck probably.

Yeah. That's been the talk about the skating, on the other end it's the shooting. I think I get like enough chances with skating and that, but I think I don't bare down once I get those chances like I think I lay off a bit. I mean in NHL you're not going to get a lot of chance to make many shots and you have to make most of them.

Pardon me.

Yeah. The last couple of years we did.

Yeah, he was a great player too. He is a great score and proven player in our league. I'm sure I can skate with him, but I think I still have a little work. He is a little ahead of me right now.

He is an insurance inspector. He inspects building for the insurance company so we can see what they have to do.

Like I was just thinking hopefully I would go around like the five to seven or eight mark. And I mean definitely I was thinking being in Edmonton how great it will be to get drafted in front of all the fans and in the hometown here. So, yeah I have been thinking about that I guess for a while.

I don't know what they were chanting. I heard them chanting, but I didn't know what it was.

I don't know. Maybe. Probably. Hopefully yeah maybe they will but hopefully in a few years they'll know me so.

I guess more speed to the team like probably just passing and like setting up chances probably good offensive work. Offense, I guess.

Yeah, no I never really played the wing I imagine if I have to play the wing to make the team, I'd have to change. But right now I'm a centerman and think I'll stay there.

Not a lot really. They would ask your strengths and weakness from you. It was just basically just like conversation they wanted to put a face to the player that they've been watching and see what kind of person you are off the ice and just talk to them about it for a while. That's about it.

Not until all the cameras and stuff started showing up. No, I didn't have a clue.

Like a really didn't know what they were chanting. I didn't hear it. They were chanting that and they picked me so like I'm happy to be here.

I guess I was aware until I started walking up and looking around and then I just remembered trying to put on the jersey and shaking and getting mixed up and I remember walking around and being overwhelmed with the whole thing.

I mean I couldn't ask for anything more on draft day. Like it was a dream come true just being drafted in the first round and then being in the hometown where the draft is held just makes it that much better. It's an experience you'll never forget I guess.

I think STEVE YZERMAN of the Red Wings.

Probably offense more and skating, bringing speed and using the speed to get chances and stuff like that I guess that would be the main thing. ( Inaudible).

I don't know I mean like I never played against that caliber it's the best league in the world so I will just give it my best shot and not expect to be there this year and another year of junior won't hurt.

It wasn't too bad up until today. This morning when we woke up, it was pretty -- I was pretty stressful going around and visiting the teams and seeing what's going to happen I guess it was pretty stressful.

Great I'm still overwhelmed with the whole thing right now.

I couldn't believe it. It is like a dream come true. I can't really believe it.

Basically, just get on the ice a few times I haven't skated since the season and get my wind back I guess and workout and keep the strength up and probably just getting on the ice would be the main thing and getting ready for the season.

I think I will be more of an offensive player and bring a lot of speed to the team and hopefully probably, a better passer I guess. You know my wingers and just creating speed and chances and stuff.

Yeah. For sure I like everyone knows the Oilers had a rough couple of last years but that is the same with any rebuilding team. I played on one in PA. It was our first year. We kind of all grew up with it. If you can get on this team the next few years you'll be set up and they're going to be contenders.

I started played that probably better at soccer than I was at hockey. I liked hockey more and I guess if there is more of a chance for being a Canadian player to make a future out of hockey instead of soccer so when I got the chance to play in the western league, I thought I would take it.

I played in like all 13 teams on the (inaudible).

Did I make the move away from it? It would have been when I moved to PA to play junior I had to quick part way from the season. I was playing on a couple of teams and I had to quit part way through that season and came to play hockey and a haven't played since.

End of FastScripts….

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