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April 27, 2003

Daja Bedanova

Eva Birnerova

Petra Langrova


THE MODERATOR: We have Daja Bedanova, Petra Langrova, the captain, and also Eva Birnerova. Questions, please.

Q. It's been a long day, Petra. Talk about your decision - I guess you made it yesterday - to substitute Klara for Daja, and why you decided to do that.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Actually, I just wanted to try anything which I think could do any for the better results. Serena, I think she didn't know Klara's game, and I think that was the only chance we have to try anything. That's why I decided. It was not because of Daja's tennis, but the only thing was something to do and try to surprise Serena.

Q. But she wasn't too surprised in the end, huh?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Well... But it was a chance. I mean, I have to do anything. I mean, I just wanted to let it go. I mean, everybody expect that we gonna, you know, lose very easy. I am proud of my girls. They did what they can, and I think they did a good job here.

Q. Did you not think it was possible that Daja might bring her best tennis today and maybe do something against Serena?

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Well, Daja played against Serena two or three times already, and Serena knows her game pretty well. So that was the only thing.

Q. How difficult is it for the players to see both of them on the court at the same time? They don't play doubles that often. When they do, it must be somewhat intimidating.

DAJA BEDANOVA: They're big (laughter). They're everywhere, and they're playing fast. It was just hard to get through them. And the speed they're playing, it's just hard just to bring it back. You just have to be careful just where you bring it because there's another one standing right next to the net. So it's kind of... not easy.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: That's true. Everybody expected that we just got killed, you know. They went for results like 6-love, 6-love.

DAJA BEDANOVA: One game (smiling).

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: The girls, they just excited and fight for one game and, you know, be happy they made it so...

Q. You survived.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: And survived, yeah (laughing).

Q. Daja, do you feel like you had no chance to beat Serena today? Is your tennis not at the level where you might have turned it around and done something?

DAJA BEDANOVA: It wasn't really the point today. We decided like as a team, like Petra decided that Serena knows my game pretty well. We just tried something else that -- Petra's idea was just to surprise her somehow. Klara did a good job today.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Yeah, I really think it has nothing to do with Daja's game. I mean, it's just my decision. And I try to explain to everyone that it's nothing to do with Daja's game, it's just that we want to do something ...

DAJA BEDANOVA: And surprise her. I played against her.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: And surprise her. It has nothing to do with Daja's game at all.

DAJA BEDANOVA: The best results I did against them was the first time when they didn't know me. We tried the same thing.

CAPTAIN PETRA LANGROVA: Yes, same thing with Iveta. Even Serena said at a press meeting that she was surprised. That was the only thing.

Q. What does it do to you emotionally, you start a match and obviously you're optimistic when the match starts. But is it frustrating, does it get difficult emotionally to stay in the match when your best shots might just come flying right back at you?

DAJA BEDANOVA: It's just you know the balls fly, but you just go into the game and try to stay motivated all the time. I mean, the whole team helps you, and I don't think it's so hard. I think it's pretty easy to stay calm in the game and just go for your shots.

End of FastScriptsâ?¦.

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