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February 6, 2000

Curtis Joseph

Pat Quinn

Mats Sundin

Dmitry Yushkevich


Q. A quick impression of the game from each guy and kind of what it meant to each of you to be here. Pat, I know last night that when they took the picture you were carrying a youngster on your shoulders. I am wondering if that was maybe one of your grandchildren who you shared that moment with.

PAT QUINN: Yes, that was my grandson. Actually the game -- at least the shoot out, a lot of the players had some of their kids there. I thought I will just bring them down. When they took that group picture, they had Gordie standing here and Bobby Orr standing here I thought maybe some day this might mean something to him, I don't know. As far as the game is concerned, what can I say? I hated the result. Lots of action. We missed some breakaway opportunities in the second and I think -- just blame the forwards. (LAUGHTER)

Q. (inaudible).

PAT QUINN: I was not allowed to speak to the officials in the language which I am normally accustomed.

Q. Your reactions?

CURTIS JOSEPH: Yeah, he was off sides. I was right on the blue line.

Q. I wanted to get each of you -- not Pat now, but just quick sort of impression of what the game meant to you and how you felt about the whole sort of experience?

CURTIS JOSEPH: Well, it was exciting that it was here in Toronto where we all play. That added a little bit of pressure, I think, but it is a fun weekend. There is a lot going on and it is kind of a toast to the city that all the events that did go on were sold out and you couldn't get tickets. I think they were even scalping tickets to the practice the other morning. Just a great, great event and a great well-organized and great weekend for Toronto.

MATS SUNDIN: I agree with Curtis. I think first of all it is a huge honor to represent the Leafs in an All-Star Game and then on home ice in front of our home fans it is something very special, something that I will cherish the rest of my life. Toronto, in my opinion, is the hockey capital of the world, so there couldn't be a more suitable city to have an All-Star Game in. So this a great moment and something I will take with me for the rest of my career and life.

DMITRY YUSHKEVICH: I agree with Mats. (LAUGHTER) For me, it was a great opportunity to play with and against the best players in the world. And in last couple of days so many things happen and I got so many emotions in my head so I need some time to put everything together.

MATS SUNDIN: Scoring on the best goalie in the world too.

DMITRY YUSHKEVICH: I couldn't score in the practice on him, so I should have done something all right.

CURTIS JOSEPH: He has been setting me up all year. He hasn't shot a goal all year.

Q. How about the save on Kozlov there, Cujo, could have been a lot worse early on? Don't tell me you don't remember that one.

CURTIS JOSEPH: That was a desperation move. You don't see that often, but fortunately went right in my glove.

Q. Did you have any chance to talk a bit with Roger even before, during the game and did you guys sort of share anything in light of what he is going through?

PAT QUINN: Yeah, I know this is obviously high profile situation for Roger, but yes, we talked about it, but that is not something that I should be speaking about probably. He was enjoying the day and he messed up the defense changes a couple of times, but... (LAUGHTER)

Q. Pat are you going to let Dmitry go into the play as much as he did tonight and Dmitry, was that a little bit more fun for you to be involved in the play like that?

DMITRY YUSHKEVICH: If you remember I got a couple of scoring chances, first couple of shifts, but I don't get used to it. Puck too close to the net. So well, the way I am playing for Maple Leafs it is more important than what I play tonight. Tonight was fun, I play with great players. It is always fun and especially when you are playing even score a goal.

PAT QUINN: I have spent two years almost trying to get him to play his position now he gets a goal up there. I don't know what the heck is going to happen.

Q. Did your plan to overwork the Philadelphia forwards come to fruition today?

PAT QUINN: Well, the guys were having fun. When the game was close, you know, they were -- they were pretty competitive. They all wanted to get out there. They all wanted a chance to show their best and suddenly after that off-side goal, we were so down - (LAUGHTER) - so I didn't get a chance to wear them out as much as I would like to have.

Q. Dmitry, I wonder if you can comment about Pavel Bure, it is only an All-Star Game, but still he is having such a great year and he kind of capped it off with this game today.

DMITRY YUSHKEVICH: Yesterday somebody from the media asked me who I think would be MVP for tonight game. I think for a while I said it would be Pavel. I was right. Well, he was in great shape. I have seen him in August, I practiced with him in August. He was in great shape. Well, he is a great, great forward, the Russian forwards who can put the put the puck in the net.

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