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May 27, 2002

Curtis Joseph

Mats Sundin


Q. Has it occurred to you at all during your run that you might be playing your last games?


Q. What do you think about having Nathan in the lineup?

CURTIS JOSEPH: He's been great. He can skate, he can move. He's been great. Nathan's been great. I'm happy for him. He's a great guy. He would do anything for the team. So, I'm happy for him.

Q. Obviously, it's a coach's decision, but do you expect him to be the lineup; someone else will have to sit out?

CURTIS JOSEPH: Yeah, and that means somebody else that is a good guy will be out of the lineup, too. We know that it's a business, but I'm happy for Nathan.

Q. Given the success rate you've had in facing elimination, does the pressure not have an effect?

CURTIS JOSEPH: It's been maybe a good pressure, I don't know if you can say that. But every time we've been in a situation where we would be eliminated and we've come up with a big game. I think that we have a lot of veteran guys that believe we are going to come up with a big game when we need it. The pressure is on us because we could be eliminated can w a loss so the pressure should still be on us.

MATS SUNDIN: I'm happy to be back playing. I've only played a few games now, and obviously I'm comfortable to play with anyone the coaching staff wants me to play with. Alyn and Gary and Jonas have had really good chemistry throughout the playoffs. Whatever the coaches feel they can use me, I'll be happy to fit that role. Whoever it is, I'm fine with that.

Q. How was the day off?

MATS SUNDIN: It's nice. This time of year, rarely we get a day off, so definitely yesterday was great for our team. I'm sure Carolina has felt the same way. It felt really good to have a day and then skate.

Q. It has not been reflected in the number of goals scored, but your team has been getting stronger as the series goes on. Do you feel that way?

MATS SUNDIN: I hope so. I feel good. I feel like I'm just starting my playoffs and trying to get going and get my timing and everything right. A lot of guys, we have gone through a lot of things, a lot of guys have gone through two really hard series already. Yesterday was really good for us, to have that day off. But at the same time, it's been low-scoring games here. It's almost like your thinking one of these games there's going to be some more goals, but obviously we are expecting the same kind of checking as well.

Q. Dempsey has played some good hockey for you guys, can you talk about that?

MATS SUNDIN: Yeah, there's no doubt. He's been playing great every time he's been called upon throughout the last few years that I've been there, he's been called up and done a good job. And in these playoffs as well he's done a good job, and not only him, but the other guys that have been filling in roles for the guys that have been hurt.

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