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June 8, 1999

Brett Hull

Mike Modano

Wayne Primeau

Darcy Regier


Q. Your read on that first period.

MIKE MODANO: Pretty good. We had some pressure down deep in our zone which we wanted early in the period. On the powerplay, we just wanted to move with the puck quick, get some shots and traffic when we do that plays like the one to Brett open up.

Q. Did you talk about the speed of the Buffalo Sabres and what challenge that might present?

MIKE MODANO: We did. We put them in the same category as Colorado because of the neutral zone; want to clog it up as much as possible. The less time they have with the puck the better for us. So our backcheck, our third guy high, is very critical through the neutral zone; make them dump it in and force them to make the play that they are not going to be comfortable making.

Q. Your coach this morning was concerned about the emotional level of your team. You played a terrific first period. Were the players worried about that after coming off that Colorado series?

BRETT HULL: I don't think so with the veteran leadership we have and experiencing this kind of situation, they are not going to let the guys do that. We said: Let's keep playing our game.

Q. You scored the powerplay goal in the first period to make it 1-0. Your powerplay struggled to score goals in the past. Did you change anything?

BRETT HULL: Nothing. We have kind of a different philosophy than I have ever had on a powerplay and it is not a matter of -- of course, you want to score, but as long as you are doing the right things, ensuring the guys on the ice that are usually drawing the penalties for us to be out there and as long as we are showing them we are working and doing the thing and keeping the momentum, that is the most important thing.

Q. So much talk about this series and the goaltending matchup. You are a great goal scorer going against one of the top goaltenders in the world. Do you change anything at all? Does your philosophy change?

BRETT HULL: I think as great as he is, two-time MVP, he still plays basically the same time as every else. He goes down after the first shot; you have to get it up. Most of the guys in the League now are susceptible to the five-hole, so you try to hit that shot from a distance when there is a traffic. I think you have to bear down on the second shot now with a guy like Dominik because he is so quick and good.

Q. They dramatically outchanced you, outshot you. How are you going to turn this around?

WAYNE PRIMEAU: I think that we got to stay out of the penalty box, that has to be our first priority. There has been a couple of penalties there that we shouldn't take. Felt like we were a man down the whole game. I think we just got to get back to the way we can play and just dump the puck.

Q. Don Cherry says you are doing a great job on the draws out there working the penalty kill. How do you feel after the MCL strain?

WAYNE PRIMEAU: It is definitely a little difficult to start. It was really hard out there. I haven't skated in a game for the last 12 days. You know, it is definitely difficult, but you have to push through it. And as the game goes on you feel better.

Q. The unavoidable question: When you were in Dallas during the Playoffs in June, how is the ice, do you notice it?

WAYNE PRIMEAU: I think that as the period goes on, it starts to get a little chippy and the puck starts to roll on you, but they have to play through it all also. So we can't get down on it.

Q. It was good to have Wayne Primeau back in the lineup; especially against Dallas?

DARCY REGIER: They have a big strong defense. Wayne's got the size and Rasmussen, guys like that, are very important in this series.

Q. Everybody talks about Dominik Hasek; what a force he is. Your hockey club goes beyond that. Doesn't it?

DARCY REGIER: Well, it does but we take a lot of comfort even when we don't use him, the fact that we know he is there.

Q. What about Stu Barnes he has got it going after a long drought. Would you say that he might be the guy that might get the winner here?

DARCY REGIER: He has got a good a chance as any. He is really persistent through this whole Playoffs.

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