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June 8, 2000

Brett Hull

Mike Modano


Q. Mike, biggest goal of your career so far, can you describe the play?

MIKE MODANO: Yeah, I would say so. It just -- from our own behind our own net, it just developed into a nice flow all the way up at the ice, I was able to get it to Sergei. Once I got it to him, I realized how much room he had. It was kind of toward the end of a shift, but it was just developing nicely throughout the play and they were able to get it to Jere and Jere to Brett and I think just seemed like everybody shifted to that side of the ice and Brett was able to -- his first attempt I think hit his shin or stick; came back to him, he stuck with the play, as it came through the next time, able to get my stick on it; hit my shaft and off the post and in.

Q. Guys, you and your mate seemed to gain more confidence as the game progressed. Do you feel it is attributeable to Game 6 against Buffalo last year?

BRETT HULL: I don't know, I just think the game as it gets long and people get tired, I think just if you stick to the game plan and don't try to waste energy you can find some room out there because I think a lot of people are trying to be a little bit safe; a lot of people are a little bit tired and aren't going to step up as much. So I think there is just a little bit more room.

Q. Mike, was there a point in the game where you maybe became, as a team, the hunter Instead of the hunted; maybe it was in the second overtime; did you feel that happen?

MIKE MODANO: A little bit. I think we felt some chances were coming and we were getting some good play down low; able to wear them out a little bit. So much back and forth and everybody is really at that point very conservative what they do with the puck. It is more or less territorial; get it to the point, and usually it is those shots from the point that find their way of getting through bodies. But I still felt good. I think a few of us still had some jump and some freshness to us.

Q. Brett, are you just throwing the puck on net there or do you know that Mike is cutting to the net?

BRETT HULL: With the first play I know he is cutting to the net and just trying to throw it there and maybe he can get a stick on it or bounce off him or have it lay there and I know Jere who gave it to me is still going to the net as well and it hit Scott Stevens in the foot and came right back on my stick and I still saw Mike going and fired it towards the net.

Q. You probably won't be surprised to hear that Belfour said that this is the best game since he stopped 75 shots when he was a little kid. Will you evaluate his play tonight? He kept you in the game for most of it stopping quite a few point-blank shots.

BRETT HULL: We were joking before the game. I said, you know: Just stop it Eddie, stop everything and we will probably win because we will probably find a way to get one anyway and he said: Okay. It's funny how that works out.

Q. The Devils were talking about they still had 3-2 in the series. But how much momentum do you think you grab from this victory? Are you concerned that all the road teams won the last four games?

MIKE MODANO: We felt if we got this tonight we would come back here Monday night. That was our train of thought going into tonight. Obviously this was -- you are not going to see Saturday or Monday without tonight's. It is a big momentum change. I think we all feel -- finally realize what we have to do and how we have to play to beat these guys and you know, it always seems -- we seem to come up big when the time is needed. Guys seem to rally; we seem to support one another. We don't get down. We stay positive; stay with the program, and as the game goes on we seem to find cracks and seams that we take advantage of.

Q. Can you talk about the emotional joy you had when you saw the puck go in the net?

MIKE MODANO: Well, it is just, you know, just hurry up and get off the ice and get out of here, but sense of relief, it is ---it is a once-in-a-lifetime deal when you are playing this long in the Playoffs and elimination game and you are able to see another day, but there is some major joy there.

Q. About halfway through regulation tonight the puck support by the forwards and exiting your zone just changed, like it did a 360 from the previous four games. Talk about that being a key to you guys staying out of trouble tonight.

BRETT HULL: Was Hitch in here earlier? (Laughter.) I think that is with both teams. I think that is the way you are going to have success scoring or creating offense because the forwards work so hard coming back to help the "D", there is not a lot of plays of distance where you are going to be able to get a guy in a good situation because everyone plays so tight, you get the puck, you just have to kind of get it by someone and hope another guy is there to continue on with the play and as you are taken out, try to get back into it to support him again.

Q. Talk about Eddie?

MIKE MODANO: He made some great saves, the one on Sykora there point blank and, you know, a few on that line they seem to generate a lot of offense, that line, and chances, but he was -- you know, we feel tired as players and skaters, but you can't believe, can't fathom what those goalies go through, the mental toughness, the focus, to be out there for six periods. They don't have a chance to come to the bench for a breather. They stay out there. They both played phenomenal. Brodeur made some great saves on Keane and Nieuwendyk, but they were both spectacular.

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