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May 21, 2002

Brett Hull


Q. Are you getting enough scoring chances?

BRETT HULL: I think you can always create more. You're dealing with two good teams. It's not like the chances are going to be like you would probably like it to be, but when you do get your chances on these goalies, you've got to bury it, because you don't get that many great ones. And when you do, they're so good that a lot of times they're going to stop you. That's the key. You do don't want to give them the glaring scoring chance like we did last game, but you want to limit those and know that when you play solid and keep them to the outside or at least not the greatest of quality of chances that your goalie's going to make a safe way.

Q. You guys have gotten a lot of great contributions up and down the roster, but can you rely on the third and fourth lines going forward as much as you have in the first two games?

BRETT HULL: No. I don't think you ever look at it that way, and you go game to game, and if someone steps up, they step up. Whether it's your so-called top superstar or whether it's your fourth line grinders or defenseman that doesn't score, I mean, you just take it game by game. You don't start to look back or look too far ahead and try to figure out who is going to be your next hero. You just go out and play it. You know, funny things happen, just like the third goal last night, no one scored. Patrick scored on himself, which happens, so, you don't look at it that way. You just go out and play it, and hopefully you get the last goal each game.

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