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May 12, 2001

Ivan Hlinka


COACH HLINKA: What can I say? In the second period, they stopped the play, I don't know why. I think we got good start. I think we played pretty well in the first period. The second one, they overskated us and they started to move the puck a lot, more the legs more like we did.

Q. Do you think since the last series went seven games, you guys were a little tired coming out?

COACH HLINKA: Well, I could say, like you say, right now, we are tired, but we've still got a long way to go. You know, they got one more day rest. We have to take rest tomorrow, and, you know, it's only one game. And it's not decided yet. We will be better the next time.

Q. Mario had no shots --

COACH HLINKA: You know, I think the team, they are concentrated on him, every time he has the puck, they are right on him, it's very hard to -- they make it hard for him and they made some great plays. Still, he was working hard. There's a long way and there's a lot of games already behind us and still a lot of games in front of us.

Q. Are you tired?

COACH HLINKA: You know, I could say that both teams over here, they can be tired a little bit, but I don't like to talk about that.

Q. How do you feel with -- (inaudible) -- Jason Arnott playing?

COACH HLINKA: You give them the room to skate, especially to check guys on the sides, they can really move the legs and they can really shoot the puck, and they did it tonight again.

Q. Right from the outset, Lang had an absolutely golden opportunity, he had an open net puck that was right on his stick and for some reason it didn't look like it came off his stick very well. Does he wish that he had that back?

COACH HLINKA: You know, if you like to score some goals, you have to shoot the puck. I think that's the first page in the hockey book. Same thing, Martin Straka, after that, you have to shoot the puck. That's the first page.

Q. Are you tired-?

COACH HLINKA: I already talked about that. I don't like to talk about who is tired. We already played some games. I hope we've got a lot of games in front of us. We cannot be tired. The day off tomorrow will help a little bit, but.

Q. You were using Jagr on a couple shifts sometimes --

COACH HLINKA: Sometimes. He doesn't kill the penalties. He can be more fresh in the lineup, using him in the other line.

Q. After the first penalty, was that the change --

COACH HLINKA: No, the experience, you have to stay out of the penalty box. I don't like to criticize the refs, because, you know, they see something and they call something. But you have to be ready for it and you have to be patient and that's the hockey game.

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