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May 15, 2001

Ivan Hlinka


Q. Coach, could you talk about the new line combinations and what you hoped to get from them?

IVAN HLINKA: You know, our goal was separate the best players through more lines and make them -- the game a bit more like was the first one. I think was not a bad move, especially our three lines. They played good hockey. They make more pressure against them tonight and that was the reason, probably.

Q. Do you think they had trouble figuring out who to match against?


Q. Did Jagr play less than usual?

IVAN HLINKA: You know, especially in the third period, I think we got three penalties during it, and because he didn't kill the penalty, but I was trying to use him in the fourth line a little bit in the start of the game and, you know, it's the playoffs and we had to use the fourth line a little bit more, yes.

Q. Were you impressed the way Hedberg bounced back after the first period, giving up two goals; he seemed to be a bit down on himself?

IVAN HLINKA: You know what, I don't think he was guilty for the goals, you know. I think it was still a great game for us, and especially, he made a break way there, it was in the second period, I think. It was just great.

Q. You have so many offensive weapons and so many guys that can hurt a team, how surprising is it that Rene Corbet, who only played a minute in the first period, comes out and gets the game-winner?

IVAN HLINKA: You know, Renee is the type of a player that you have to like him because he don't need too many minutes, he don't need too much ice time but every time he steps on the ice, he tries to do his best and he is a hard worker. I think the goal was a Rene Corbet goal; he was on the right time and right place. I don't think there's too many players that they can score the goal like that, because he is there and he drive the goalie from the net and he tried to make some shots.

Q. You were using Mario a lot on the kill penalty?

IVAN HLINKA: You know, I already said he got two penalties in the third round and was 3-2 for us and 4-2 for us. You have to use him, the time like that, then he's probably the best penalty killer around the League.

Q. And he started the first goal, the short-handed goal on the break out?

IVAN HLINKA: Yeah. He got another chance, I don't know was in the second period, it was almost 2-1 with Primeau and just missed the last month.

Q. Will you be more likely to play Jagr and Lemieux together?

IVAN HLINKA: It is too soon to answer that.

Q. What did you think of the game Mario played? It seemed like the day of rest gave him a chance to really get going again?

IVAN HLINKA: You know, he's doing just a great job for the team. He's everywhere. If you need him to kill the penalty like we already talk about, if you need him for the faceoff, if you need him for the power play, you know, that's the player I like.

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