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May 21, 2001

Ivan Hlinka


COACH HLINKA: You know, if you like to beat this great organization, then you have to use the speed, for sure. Without the speed, you cannot compete with those guys.

Q. Any feeling about Kasparaitis or Lang?

COACH HLINKA: I really don't know right now. I talked with Kaspar and hopefully he will be ready to go. The question about Lang, I cannot answer right now.

Q. Lang just couldn't go that day with too much pain?

COACH HLINKA: Yeah, it's something I cannot, you know, answer.

Q. Are you satisfied with the energy level that your team has, the enthusiasm? At times it just seems like they are looking very discouraged and lacking in energy?

COACH HLINKA: You play against a team like that, that's a great team. Especially at home, you know, and no one is happy about last two games because, you know, those games -- that's a great team. And I don't like to talk about we didn't work hard, we didn't try to do something, things like that. I think we did what we did. Of course, we didn't play great.

Q. Are you planning on trying to use Moran or one of them against the Arnott line if you can?

COACH HLINKA: We use already every line against Arnott and nothing was working. Of course, we will try something, but I don't know right now who will be with those guys.

Q. Is it because they have run the system they have run all year long and you guys are trying to change ?

COACH HLINKA: You probably know how good the team is. Especially the line with Sykora, Elias and Arnott, I think one of the strongest players who believes in how they play, how they -- what they did already. And it's not the first time just against us.

Q. Did you coach the World Junior Czech team a couple years ago?

COACH HLINKA: Not the World Junior.

Q. World Championship Team?


Q. I had heard that you had gone to a real defensive system against a team to win that tournament; is that true? Did you change what you were doing?

COACH HLINKA: You know, a game like that, one game or two games, they make the decision with all the great defense -- some success with the defense, and for sure you have to get good goals.

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