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June 24, 2000

Dany Heatley


Q. Dany, congratulations. What's it like to have this happen in your hometown?

DANY HEATLEY: It's unbelievable. Talk went on the last couple weeks; it's kind of a relief to get it over with. I'm the happiest guy in Calgary right now.

Q. Dany, I don't think disappointment is the right word. But any thought about going second as opposed to first?

DANY HEATLEY: No. Like I said all along, I'd be happy anywhere in the top five. All those teams are in great situations. Kind of heard the buzz a little bit, so I kind of expected that. But I'm just happy to go second round overall.

Q. Expect to sign quickly -- the Thrashers, obviously a team in desperate need of goal scoring. Do you look at this as just a great opportunity?

DANY HEATLEY: I think talking with the Thrashers, they want to do what's best for me. If that means going back to school for a year, that's what it means. But I agree to sit down with everybody after today, and talk it over and go from there.

Q. So then you expect to play in the fall? Are you hoping to play in the fall?

DANY HEATLEY: That's something we have to talk about. All through the interview process, they were kind of patient with me, they understood the situation. We talked. But like I said, after the Draft, we'll go from there.

Q. What's it like to finally have it over with? Sort of take us through the buildup.

DANY HEATLEY: It's a relief, I think. It's been a lot of fun, though. All the interview people talking around town. It's been a lot of fun. But at the same time it's nice to get it over with and go on.

Q. If you end up being in Atlanta, do you think you'll still end up playing for Canada?

DANY HEATLEY: I haven't thought about that. It's up to the coaches and things like that. Like I said, I might not even be...(Inaudible).

Q. What do you think this team expects for you to add to the team?

DANY HEATLEY: I think it's what I've done all along: Score goals and be offensive. That's all I'm doing. That's what I'm going to try to do for them.

Q. What do you think of the reaction of the fans when they announced your name?

DANY HEATLEY: It was pretty cool. We got a good crowd out there today. I was pretty happy about that. Awesome.

Q. Did you have an idea that you would probably go second after Weeks was traded away?

DANY HEATLEY: Yeah, I think I heard a lot of the talks early on. It kind of made sense that he would go No. 1. I'm happy for him. I couldn't be in a better situation myself. So I'm happy the whole way around.

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