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May 9, 2003

Martin Havlat

Marian Hossa

Patrick Lalime


Q. Patrick, what does it mean to be going up against Martin Brodeur? I know you are not playing him, but to be facing him? This is the time when goalies get a reputation, Playoff time.

PATRICK LALIME: Well, of course, I mean, I respect everything Martin did in the past. He's a great goaltender, did a lot for hockey, and myself I look at it as an opportunity, a chance out here. I just want to give my team a chance to win. I am going to focus on my job to do. I am sure he will do the same thing at his own end. I just want to have fun and keep that thing going.

Q. Patrick, talk about some of the Devils' shooters and the guys who concern you and what is it about them, starting with John Madden?

PATRICK LALIME: Well, I think he has got a pretty good shot from what I remember in the regular season and every time we played him he likes to shoot, he likes to go high or low; I mean, doesn't matter as long as he gets an opportunity to fire the puck. Langenbrunner has been pretty hot as well. They have got some talents Elias, Nieuwendyk, Frisen; they work hard, they try to get open and get some good scoring chances. Got to be ready offensively.

Q. With Martin Brodeur, your puck handling abilities make you more cautious about the way you bring the puck into the zone? Do you worry about dumping it in?

MARIAN HOSSA: I think he is one of best goalies to handle the puck. We have to make sure that when we dump it in either we have to put it really far in the corner or put it around the board behind the net so he can't handle it. We have got to be careful because can make some wrong passes.

Q. You have had some success against Brodeur this year. They beat you in the first game in October, but after that you had pretty much success against the Devils and Martin Brodeur. Do you approach the series as you know you can beat Brodeur; you can score goals and you are confident about having success offensively?

MARIAN HOSSA: I think like I said, he's one of the top goalies in my mind in the League and you know, we were successful against him, especially with that guy on my left, so I hope we're going to continue and we got a quick forward, so we can use that and keep shooting, make traffic in front of him I think we're going to be successful.

MARTIN HAVLAT: The season started 3-1, that was what happened and we start from 0-0, from tomorrow, and we'll see what is going to happen.

Q. Patrick, when was the first time you heard the name Martin Brodeur and what was your impressions of him initially and what have you learned about him since?

PATRICK LALIME: He played -- I played against him in major junior actually my first year. That was his last, and I didn't play that game but he was there and his name was -- he was a great goalie at the time in junior and since there, just been accumulated things, success. I think he's a winner. He's a battler, he likes to be there in big games. It will be a big game against him.

Q. Martin, is it incentive for you to have a friendly competition with Patrik Elias?

MARTIN HAVLAT: We are pretty good friends. We spend a lot of time in the summer, but I think our friendship is going to go away for the series. We'll see. We're not going to be friends on the ice.

Q. Do you expect a physical series also? Everybody talks about goaltending matchup. Like we saw against the Flyers it was quite physical. Do you expect the same thing?

MARIAN HOSSA: I think it's going to be physical, but also it's going to be really defensive series. I think there will be lots of goals, so you have to battle through the people and they got some big guys like Scott Stevens, so they got few of them like they can be really physical, but you also -- they got some forwards, big forwards, so I think it's going to be a little physical and I am expecting lots of defense.

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