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January 17, 1998

Dominik Hasek


Q. (Inaudible)

DOMINIK HASEK: Too far behind the corner, too far behind the net. Maybe looks like it's three feet more, but it's a long distance. Once you get into the corner and you make mistake, you cannot get back, so you will see.

Q. Would that favor you over somebody who has never played on this type of ice surface?

DOMINIK HASEK: Maybe one, two games. I believe after two, three games, couple practices, they will be used to it.

Q. Can you talk about wrap-around goals? Is it an embarrassing goal to give up as opposed to a 98 miles an hour slapshot?

DOMINIK HASEK: Wrap-around is always embarrassing goal. Sometimes the player does it very well. It's tough to make a save. But it's always embarrassing.

Q. Any players in particular in the league better?

DOMINIK HASEK: This year I think I got one wrap-around goal in Buffalo. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing for me.

Q. You're No. 39. Any story why you wear No. 39?

DOMINIK HASEK: I used to wear No. 9 back in Czech, when I played for my club in Czech. No. 9 in my team, it was already. I was born 29th, so that's why I choose 39.

Q. The league is talking about moving the net out a little bit and not letting the goaltender handle the puck. They may try this in the minor leagues next year.

DOMINIK HASEK: I really don't like this. I used to play in Europe. If you move the net more closer to the blue line, you lose other couple feet where the players can score goals on. I think the better it would be they move the net back where it used to be, more chances you can see. It's easy for to check and more difficult for the defense. I don't like this move. We should not allow it, I think. I played in Europe. It's much more easier for the defense, for the goalies, once you move the net closer to the blue line.

Q. Are you happy with with the fact the club picked up your option or would you rather have gone into the market as a free agent?

DOMINIK HASEK: I'm not really sure, you know. I didn't know. I think I am glad. But I still want to talk to my agent. They will talk maybe about the possibilities.

Q. You didn't have much input into the fact they were picking it up?

DOMINIK HASEK: I think four or five years is too much. We can talk maybe about one extra, two extra years.

Q. I notice on wrap-around goals, you go down to your knees, bring your stick around the side of the net when a player comes around in front. Something you were taught to do or is that something you sort of experimented with and found success with it?

DOMINIK HASEK: I always did do something like this. You know, I like to use my stick, especially around the net. It's nothing new. I always used to do it.

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