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June 11, 1999

Dominik Hasek


Q. Would you like to see your teammates retaliate a little more after what you went through last night?

DOMINIK HASEK: Hard to say. They could be more aggressive in front of Eddie. They were very aggressive in front of me. They were fighting on me on purpose. They present like they are falling on the ice, but falling on me. They pushed my teammates on me when I was down on the ice which is very dangerous. I don't want to my teammates to hit Eddie from behind or do some slicings or do things like that but I think they should be more aggressive.

Q. Last night in Dallas Hitchcock downplayed the whole hitting the goaltender issue. He said you have a reputation of coming out and playing the puck a lot. Do you feel what they did to you was intentional and did it throw your game off at all?

DOMINIK HASEK: He is right, I like to go behind the net. I like to go to the corners and play the puck, it is okay if somebody, you know, if they get my stick, that is okay, but they pushed me from behind. Like I said what I didn't like, they were falling on me on purpose and they were pushing my defensemen on me. It is very dangerous. It happened me in the third period and I was really upset --

Q. Teammates talked about retaliation; say anything about that?

DOMINIK HASEK: We didn't talk about it at all. I mean, we will have a meeting tonight and we will talk about it. But I don't think they should retaliate. But like I say, they should maybe a little bit more in front of Eddie.

Q. So much of that is blown off saying, well, it is part of the game; it is a part of the game, do you feel that --

DOMINIK HASEK: Yeah, I expect it. It is nothing that surprises me. It was the same against Toronto and I am sure it is going to be the same next couple of games. I am ready for that. I am sure my teammates are also. It is the job for my teammates to clear the space in front of me. Also the referee should see, you know, if they push my teammates on purpose on me or they fall on me, they should call two minutes right away.

Q. Home ice; do you still plan on playing the puck as much -- (inaudible) --

DOMINIK HASEK: I think at home I even like to go out of the net even more than on the road. I probably will be even more aggressive. You will probably see me play the puck even more.

Q. Is part of that because the glass at the arena is (inaudible) it is seamless here --

DOMINIK HASEK: Exactly. There are different bounces that I am not used to in Dallas. I don't know what I can expect. Also the ice I think is better, it is easier to play the puck on ice in Buffalo. Just if I am home, I feel more comfortable, so you will see me go to the corners and behind the net again.

Q. How are you feeling physically after the two exhausting games in Dallas?

DOMINIK HASEK: I felt very tired after Game 1 but after Game 2 I felt very good and I don't have any problems.

Q. Your groin is okay?

DOMINIK HASEK: My groin is okay. Same like before we started and it is okay.

Q. (inaudible)

DOMINIK HASEK: We want to be aggressive. We will continue to be aggressive. We want to hit the players but, of course, we talked about our priorities and we have to be a little bit smarter.

Q. (inaudible) will it be tougher for them to do that here?

DOMINIK HASEK: I think it will be tougher because the puck is bouncing a little bit more in Buffalo, bounced far from the boards, so it is easier for the goalie to handle the puck and especially they bounce it on the glass, I know where the puck goes, but in Dallas you never know because the bounces, they can separate the goalie.

Q. Were their dump-ins pretty good -- (inaudible) --

DOMINIK HASEK: The boards in Dallas are a little bit different. The puck doesn't bounce too far from the board and it is hard to go to the corner, but in Buffalo it is a little bit different, the pucks bounce a little bit farther so you can play more the puck.

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