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November 16, 2001

Michael Campbell

David Smail


GORDON SIMPSON: We have Team New Zealand with us. Best round of the day, 6-under, with a four-shot lead; that's probably just what the doctor ordered, I would think.

DAVID SMAIL: Yeah, we played really well. I putted really nicely and holed just about everything that Campbell eft for me, hitting great shots in pretty close.

Q. Padraig was saying that you didn't have the proper rhythm for about five or six holes, how difficult was it to get into that rhythm and how did you find it today?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: When you go out there and play, obviously you hit every shot. But in foursomes, I had a birdie putt on the sixth hole and the next birdie putt wasn't until the last hole; so, in the space of 12 holes that I had a decent putt. It's one of those things you've got to be pretty much be concentrating on being focused on what you're doing and just hopefully get things done properly. Today was a great example. Hit a few close shots today and David putted great today. He hit a few long putts from 50, 60 feet to probably like ten inches away. Overall, it was a great team effort. We seemed to play well as a team -- other sports that we play, but it's one of the things that we do well, I think.

Q. A lot of teams don't seem to like the foursomes format; did you go out with a more positive attitude? A lot of teams seem to talk themselves out of it before the round?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think, once again, it's one of those things that Dave and I, we know each other's game quite well. I've known Dave Smail since we were juniors. We played against each other as juniors all of those years ago and we get on very well. I think as a team, it's very important to have an extra edge to get on with your partner and David and are very good friends and we seem to combine very well.

Q. Why did you choose David as your partner?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think that's just the way it goes, it's the rules and regulations of the PGA, to choose two guys to play, one off the World Rankings and I think another one is off the Australasian Order of Merit. Plus, he's a good player, too, that's why.

Q. Having played in Japan, is that a good advantage to you and have you told Michael about the course?

DAVID SMAIL: Yeah, it is pretty good for me, I suppose. I know the sort of grass types. I know what it's like to play at this time of the year in Japan, what the rough is like with this sort of dormant grass. So little things like that help, and I've played here about four times I think now. So probably on the greens, I'm doing all right, compared to the others, I suppose, because I know them so well.

Q. Have you told him about the course?

DAVID SMAIL: Not really. Michael just hits it so well, he doesn't need any help. He just tells me approximately where to go and he'll put it right there.

Q. When you guys decided to play together, did you talk about which clubs you are using?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Pretty much what we did out there today, we left each other alone and just went through our own separate routines. We asked each other, actually, on Wednesday or Tuesday whether we should give each other a hand with club selections or the line of the putt, but sometimes, too much information sometimes goes against you. So we decided just to go out there and play by ourselves like at a normal event.

Q. David, you played the odd holes today?

DAVID SMAIL: The even holes.

Q. Did you have any strategies to play those holes?

DAVID SMAIL: We talked about it a little bit, just with the two caddies yesterday. We sort of decided that the par 3s set up well for the way he plays, if it went that way, and that's what we did.

GORDON SIMPSON: Well played today and good luck tomorrow.

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