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May 29, 2001

Bob Hartley


Q. How much of a difference is speed in this series, trying to take advantage of the Devils' size and when they are playing the trap and things like that? Is the speed the way you can counteract?

COACH HARTLEY: We definitely feel that our speed is one of our primary assets. We definitely have a chance to win hockey games when we use our speed. Like our four lines can give us some good speed. Our "D" man can give us our second wave that we are looking for. Hey, like this is a quality hockey club and I feel that you have to create outnumbered situations against them. The only way to achieve this is to use your speed and make sure you have got good offensive support.

Q. How much has the work that Martin and Joe and Alex done - is it a product of just knowing each other; playing together for a couple of years? How much of is it just being vocal on the ice?

COACH HARTLEY: Chemistry is certainly a major factor when it comes down to that line. They have been basically together for the past two years and they love working together. They are three guys that have unbelievable offensive potential; great skills, like they are three great passers, they can shoot pucks from basically any possible angles. They are very reliable defensively. So I think that that is what makes them a special line. They work very well together and they certainly gave us a great season.

Q. The line changes the Devils are proposing, does that force or move you into any changes?

COACH HARTLEY: We are a team that believes in our game plan. We don't want to change everything because other teams might try to make adjustments. Obviously adjustments are a part of daily routine in the hockey business but we feel we have our system. We have our way of doing things and we rather see other teams adjusting to us rather than us adjusting to them.

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