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November 17, 2001

Michael Campbell

David Smail


GORDON SIMPSON: Well played again today. A round of 65 and a three-shot lead going into the last day.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think David played great today. He had four birdies, sank a few putts from 30 feet away and played great. The last four or five holes, I hit it close on three occasions and we could not convert them from birdies to eagles. But three ahead, with 18 holes to play, playing foursomes is a huge bonus. I think what we have done after three rounds, we should be very, very proud of ourselves. Tomorrow, it's going to be a challenge to take on the No. 1 and 2 in the world, David and Tiger.

GORDON SIMPSON: David, does it help your confidence knowing that you were the best of the guys yesterday in foursomes going into the last round?

DAVID SMAIL: Yes, we did have a good day yesterday. I think it's just, you've got to look at it as a new day and just see how it goes tomorrow. Hope to hit the ball a little bit better and Cambo might want to sink a few putts.

Q. David, this is for you. Cambo has some experience playing with Tiger, have you ever been paired with Tiger or Duval?

DAVID SMAIL: No, I haven't been paired with either. It should be a new experience for me. Hopefully I'll be able to putt it to the side and go forward with the job ahead tomorrow.

Q. Today in the middle, you changed order of your tee shots, what hole did you change and why is that?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: We changed -- it's a secret formula, we can't tell you that. We just decided after nine holes, we made two or three birdies and decided to change tactics and let David take over and he did a better job than I did.

Q. Is that the ninth hole you changed or after?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Fifth hole, we changed.

Q. David, you made a lot of difficult putts today. Do you feel confident after three round on this golf course?

DAVID SMAIL: Yeah, I seem to be getting along pretty well. Just going at a nice speed and sort of pick out how far you want to hang them outside of the hole or whatever, the speed is good so that helps. So, yeah, pretty confident at the moment.

Q. You are going to be playing in the final group with the U.S. team, how do you have to be careful with how you play tomorrow?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Nothing, really. Nothing. Just go out and play much they are just two guys who are playing for their countries and trying as hard as we are. I've played with Tiger and David a few times and I know it is going to be a bit of a circus out there and a lot of noise, which is quite normal. I think as David said, you just have to play your own game and just go out and play and forget about what Tiger or David are doing.

Q. You're not going to feel any pressure at all tomorrow? It's the World Cup and you are playing Tiger Woods and David Duval, do you think you will be just as relaxed?

DAVID SMAIL: Yeah, I think you just go out there. It is going to be a pretty huge pressure situation, especially for me having not played with Tiger or David before. Hopefully, once I get to the first tee, my focus will be there and I can just sort of carry on and play the best that I can.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think the bottom line is, expectations for tomorrow is: USA team to win. You ask the media, anybody -- but we've got a mission tomorrow, David and I, just to turn things around maybe and just go out and play. We are the underdogs, no question at all, against 1 and 2 in the world. We have nothing to lose, really; that's my attitude. Just go out and play and give it my best shot and see what happens.

Q. Tomorrow's round is going to be head-to-head matches, what will be the key hole, do you think?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: If we get off to a good start -- the thing you've got to realize is that you just have to think about the shot at hand, keep in the present time. You can't really control what's in the future. Just control what's in the now. Foursomes is quite tough because you know if you make a mistake it's going to be hard to recover. But the bottom line is just get in the present time and shot by shot, really. There's no -- obviously, the last hole is going to be a huge key if it's quite close. The final two shots between first and second could be very, very -- that's the hole that could make a huge difference in the whole championship because it's a reachable par 5, an eagleable hole. So probably the last hole is the key hole.

Q. Is this the first time you have played together?


Q. You never played as an amateur?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Played against each other, that sort of sense, but not with each other, no. The first time.

GORDON SIMPSON: Well, win tomorrow and you'll steal the headlines.

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