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June 6, 2001

Bob Hartley


Q. How much is any series made up of breaks, a break here, there? Like the Stevenson goal, for example, if you look back at Game 2, would it be nice to get one in Game 6?

COACH HARTLEY: I'm a firm believer that you make your own luck. Any time that you throw a puck at the net, you give yourself a chance to make something happen. It's two very good hockey clubs. I think we've proved this since the start of this round and we're going to Game 6. We're a very positive group. We feel very good. Yesterday, the day off, I think it was very vital for us, it gave us a chance to refocus. We're going to have a good short practice this morning, get the legs moving and go to Jersey with the intention of coming back to Game 7.

Q. With McKenzie and Gomez, the Devils have good scoring depth that you obviously need now. What are you going to tell your second, third, and fourth line guys to get goals out of them?

COACH HARTLEY: First, I think it's just a matter of reducing space for the Devils. I felt that in the past two games, we gave them way too many skating -- I think their skating room got bigger because our pressure was not where it should have been. So we're going to do some minor adjustments, but basically when you get to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, it comes down I think to which team wants it the most. We have full trust in our players. We've faced adversity many times. We are a proud organization and I think our experience, our leadership, you know, will certainly help us in Game 6.

Q. (Inaudible)

COACH HARTLEY: He's very healthy. Obviously he got hit pretty hard in Game 4, but that's part of the game and you have to respond and he's been so good to us all year. It's just a matter you have to score goals. That's the best vitamin he can take. You put the red light on and suddenly your legs are moving, everything is moving around you and that's confidence. I think Milan is just a shot away of getting back on track. Milan is a quality young man. I have full trust in Milan Hejduk.

Q. Bob, some say in an effort to beat Martin Brodeur, you have to shoot. Was that an example in the Alex Tanguay goal and would you like to see more of that?

COACH HARTLEY: Yes, I think we're such a good hockey club when we use net plays. Our skills, we have good size up front and we can bring lots of pucks to the net. And it's just a matter of driving wide, driving with speed and making sure that we're at the net. The only way you kill offense in hockey is when you miss the net. You put pucks in the net. Even if the goalie makes the save, there might be a loose puck and you can cash it in. We have to bear down on our shots, making sure we are at the net and generate positive stuff.

Q. How comfortable does this team feel because of the fact you split here? Had you not, would there be a different feeling going back to Jersey?

COACH HARTLEY: A split makes us feel very good, and our overall record during the season, we've proved in the past we can play solid road hockey, good Avalanche hockey, where we're not getting caught in odd-man rushes and we can generate our share of offense. It's coming back to basics. Like we know we did very well in this round and we know where we were wrong and it's just a matter of bringing our game back together and we've done this in the past. That's why we feel so good.

Q. Coach, have you thought about any radical line changes with Chris Drury or Tanguay or Hejduk to create another line of spark?

COACH HARTLEY: We've been pretty consistent with our lines all year. Looking at the way that we've been playing, I think that everyone, you know, had a great season. And obviously there is still plenty of hockey to be played. It's just a matter that when we roll our four lines and our four lines are pumping, we're a better hockey club. Right now it's just a matter of getting back to basics. I think that playing our game is such a key and playing with a lead is definitely our biggest key in tomorrow night's game. If we can get the lead we'll force the Devils to open up and that's where we'll get our best chances.

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