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November 18, 2001

Michael Campbell

David Duval

David Smail

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: Well, we really didn't play all that well today until the very end, when we got on a little run to get into the playoff. I wasn't able to put it in play and that really hurt us.

Q. Talk about the playoff hole.

TIGER WOODS: I had a halfway decent lie, and from there I hit a good shot, but, you know, it all depends on the luck of the bounce from there and it popped up on the green. I thought I missed it high, but it broke.

Q. How far was that?

TIGER WOODS: It was about 40 feet.

DAVID DUVAL: Well, I played bad all week and carried it over until today.

Q. I guess you're surprised to be in the playoff, but a great way to finish?

DAVID DUVAL: It was a good finish, yeah. You know, I don't know what to say, you know.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Just off to a bit of a rough start. I think we had two bogeys in four holes, came back strongly towards the middle of the round there and unfortunately missed a short putt on I think 14 and they made the birdie putt on 15, I think the 16th hole and then the last hole ...

Q. Overall can you assess the week; the two of you played well.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think we played well as a team. We just basically didn't quite get there, one shot is not very many after four rounds of golf, you know.

Q. Did you play well for most of the round?

DAVID SMAIL: No, not too bad. I felt pretty good. Quite a good feeling being out there and it probably helped my game out, if anything, all the good shots. So it was good playing with Tiger and David. I think we just sort of didn't quite do it. A couple of disappointing bogeys, but apart from that, pretty happy with the week. Cambo hit it great all week and I sort of holed a few nice putts.

Q. You were the ones who had a chance to win it outright --

DAVID SMAIL: It was a shame because it really wasn't a bad spot. It was just sitting down and sort of hard-packed -- but if it was a little fluffy grass, it would have been just get it out and roll the rest of the way to the stick. But it was sitting in sort of like an old divot, almost. It was pretty hard-packed. It was unbelievable.

Q. Would you say that you have really enjoyed the week?

DAVID SMAIL: Yeah, it's a good feeling. It's nice to have a good show.

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