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May 29, 2002

Bob Hartley


Q. Bob, is Forsberg okay?

COACH HARTLEY: Yeah. I just saw him coming out of the gym. You have more information than I do.

Q. Bob, were you waiting to check Hasek's stick? Can you tell us how that came about? Was that something you have been waiting to do the whole series?

COACH HARTLEY: We had information that Hasek was playing with an illegal stick and down 2-zip with a 1:20 on the power play. We thought the timing was right. Like I said before, sometimes in games you try some things that work. And unfortunately for us, you know, that one didn't. So that's life.

Q. Coach, as big as home ice has been for you in the games, Joe just said you've actually played your best hockey in Detroit versus Colorado.

COACH HARTLEY: I felt tonight we had some good chances. We missed them, but I think it's pretty simple to analyze tonight's game. We definitely didn't play well enough to win. I feel the Red Wings could have won the three games here in Colorado, and the good part of this is we managed to win one and now we're going to Detroit for Game 7 where we've played very well. So that's just another Game 7.

Q. Did you request one of Hasek's stick earlier in the series? And did that have any effect on your decision tonight to have it measured?

COACH HARTLEY: I don't understand your question.

Q. Not during a game, but just to have one of his sticks.

COACH HARTLEY: No. I doubt the Red Wings would give us a stick.

Q. The loss of Hinote and Keane, did that hit the four checking tonight, and Yelle too?

COACH HARTLEY: The loss of players, injuries, whatever, when you lose a player, it gives opportunities to somebody else to step up and get the job done. You can't win with what you lose. We have to win with what we have and we feel we have plenty. We'll never use injuries as an excuse. We're a very proud organization. We're going to battle until the last second and we're going to Detroit with a firm intention of coming back here for Game 1 of the finals.

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