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May 30, 2002

Bob Hartley


Q. Bob, you have been in so many Game 7s all at home, at least the last four or five. What does it mean, home ice in a Game 7? And if it means anything, how do you combat that?

COACH HARTLEY: Well, first, the Red Wings had -- they've played like so solid in our building. Like I told you guys last night, you know, I feel that they could have won the three games that were played in Denver. So managing to win one of those three games for us, that's why we're here for Game 7. It's so important. Once again, I don't know how many times I've told you this, but it goes down to our locker room one more time. Like our leadership, our experience, our character. You know, there is so many good players on both sides that they're the ones that will decide on the outcome of this round.

Q. Bob, is there a possibility of getting either Keane, Yelle, or Tanguay back for tomorrow?

COACH HARTLEY: There is possibilities. Right now our medical staff, they didn't make any decisions. But no one is ruled out at this time for tomorrow night's game.

Q. Coach, it was written, did you request a stick from Dominik Hasek for your son's birthday and was there motivation behind that that you have been holding out?

COACH HARTLEY: No, like my son is playing in Ottawa, and I'll make something clear. His favorite goalie wears number 33, and we never asked for any sticks from the Red Wings.

Q. Can you talk about whether you expect your guys to be nervous? Is that only human, or do you think since they have been in this situation so many times that they won't be nervous?

COACH HARTLEY: I don't think that there is any player or any members of an organization that can't be nervous for a Game 7. We all recognize the importance of tomorrow night's game, and I'm very certain it's the same thing for the Wings. Like, this tomorrow night, it's like our season's on the line. The winner grabs all the marbles and the loser goes home. I think both teams are well aware of this.

Q. Bob, because of the injuries, if some guys don't come back tomorrow night, you have a lot of young players getting ice time. Is there a tendency in a Game 7 to take guys like Joe and Peter and just keep them on the ice as much as you can, and can that catch up to you?

COACH HARTLEY: We need a balance and I think that since the start of the playoffs, like we have been able to get the balance. But in a game like tomorrow, I'm sure that we're going to see lots of Yzerman, lots of Fedorov, lots of Forsberg, lots of Sakic up front. Plus, you know, there is so many great leaders that those guys will decide the outcome of the game, and we'll see plenty of all those All-Star players on both sides.

Q. Is there anything distinctive on the way Coach Bowman coaches that has made him so successful?

COACH HARTLEY: They have lots of depth, and they always keep coming at you. They're a great offensive team. They play very well defensively. You need to be ready. Like I said, it's going to be a great game and both teams are getting ready for that matchup. And I'm sure that everyone will be awaiting that game very much.

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