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June 24, 2000

Marian Gaborik


Q. Congratulations on being drafted by Minnesota. Do you know anything about Minnesota yet?

MARIAN GABORIK: Yes, yeah, I know something. I'm very happy to be in Minnesota because it's a new club, and I'm very happy to be there. And I enjoy to play there, and I hope that I will play there, play in NHL next year. So I will train so hard, and I will be there.

Q. There's a bit of pressure that comes with being the first-ever draft pick of an expansion team. Do you feel any extra expectation to step in right away and play because of that?

MARIAN GABORIK: Yes, of course, it's great feeling. It's great feeling to be first player who was drafted by Minnesota ever, and I'm so happy I can be there. It's great feeling.

Q. Did it come as any surprise as to which team picked you?

MARIAN GABORIK: Sorry? I don't understand.

Q. Were you surprised that Minnesota picked you?

MARIAN GABORIK: I don't know if it was surprise. But I think that, yes -- but when I saw all the cameras and when they call my name, it was great feeling. Unbelievable. It's only first step, you know, of this Draft. Next step will come next year and after.

Q. You're starting out with a new club, but you're also coming to a new country. What sort of obstacles do you see there, and are you ready for that kind of challenge?

MARIAN GABORIK: I don't understand.

Q. How do you feel about coming to North America?

MARIAN GABORIK: It's great to be here in North America. I enjoy to -- to go to new city, Minnesota, and to know new people, new players. It's great experience. Not like Slovakia. It's different. Real different.

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