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June 25, 1998

Ron Francis


RON FRANCIS: I knew that would be the first question now that I got the Lady Byng. I don't know, I have to wait and see July 1st, see what interest is out there and what the offers are. At that point we'll make a decision that I feel is best for my family and my future in hockey.

Q. What about a return?

RON FRANCIS: Return? July 1st, they're interested, then certainly I would give them every bit an equal opportunity as the other teams. I will listen to everybody and they will certainly have their chance also.

Q. Ron (inaudible)...

RON FRANCIS: I still can't believe I won. I think any time they tell you you're up against Wayne Gretzky and Teemu Selanne, you don't expect too much. This was a very pleasant surprise and a nice birthday present for my son.

Q. Would you like to play Gretzky (Inaudible)...

RON FRANCIS: Sure, that would be fun. There are a lot of guys who had that opportunity. And it's really tough at this point. I mean everything is pure speculation and hearsay. And when we get to July 1st and we see exactly who is interested, you know, what the offers are, it's kind of tough to make any indication of what might happen.

Q. (Inaudible)...

RON FRANCIS: This is special. I mean, obviously that year was great. I was overwhelmed that year with the Selke and the Lady Byng. This one came out of the blue. I think I've tried to play the game my whole career working hard and being successful; but by the same token, you know, doing it sort of within the rules and playing with good sportsmanship. It's obviously quite an honor to receive this.

GARY MEAGHER: Anything else? All right. Thank you.

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