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May 27, 2005

Michael Campbell


MICHAEL CAMPBELL: The greens are like trampolines out there. It's very hard to get it close. You've got to rely on a lot of lucky bounces, you could say. You've got to land the ball sometimes ten yards short of the green to get it close. To me, that's a bit like Open golf, really.

Q. You like that kind of golf, don't you?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah, it really suits my game; and, hence, I've always played very well here at Wentworth for that reason. I think tree lined courses, parkland golf courses, play like a links sometimes, and especially this week, with the weather being so dry and drying the golf course out.

Q. You got a pretty good start and good finish.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah, in between a little bit slow, but besides that, it was nice to get up firing. Three putted the third hole for bogey, but besides that, it was pretty fast start.

Q. No champagne for the eagle at 17, seemed a good way to finish.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Exactly. It's always nice to eagle the 17 and wanted birdie at the last hole at least, but unfortunately it didn't happen for me.

Q. You've got to make it count on those last two par 5s.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah, absolutely. I think if you play the last two holes, 8 and 9 8 and probably one shot, half a shot better than the field. 8.5 is a good score on those two holes. I don't know how you get that, pretty hard to get it, but two birdies on the last two holes is always good.

Q. How far was the 3 putt?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: It was 70 feet. It was a long way.

Q. And 4?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: 5 iron to about ten feet.

7, wedge to about probably seven foot.

14, to the front of the green, rolled down 20 yards short of the green to about ten feet and missed it.

Q. What did you hit there?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: 7 iron. 17 was like a driver, 4 iron, to about 15 feet.

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