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June 24, 1999

Chris Drury


CHRIS DRURY: First I'd like to thank the NHL and NHL Writers Association for presenting this award this evening. I'd also like to congratulate my teammates Milan Hejduk, along with Brendan Morrison, Mark Parrish, any three of us could have been here this evening. I really feel fortunate to be standing up here. I'd also like to thank the Colorado Avalanche for giving me the chance to play in the NHL this year. I'd like to thank all my friends and family who travelled up here this evening, for all their support throughout the year. Last, but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all my Avalanche teammates, without their influence and help, they greatly influenced the type of year that I have. Wherever they are tonight, I hope they're watching. I hope they know I appreciate it. Thank you, very much.

Press conference:

Q. What does it mean to win the award?

CHRIS DRURY: Well, it's a big thrill. Wasn't the beat all and end all of my year. Very proud to have received it. If Milan or Marian would have got it, I would have been happy to be here. It is a terrific night.

Q. Are you surprised that you were kind of such a big winner? You kind of blew the competition away there?

CHRIS DRURY: No. I didn't know that till right now. So, no, no idea.

Q. What's it like having a teammate up for the same award?

CHRIS DRURY: It was great. You know, having him here, pal around with him. You haven't seen him in a few weeks since we lost. It was nice to see him.

He had a great year. He easily I think could have been up there as well.

Q. What about your year? Talk about the kind of year you had for your first year? Did you exceed your own expectations for your first year in the league?

CHRIS DRURY: I never really set any expectations. I didn't even know if I was going to make the team, if I was going to play 40, 50 games. I didn't know. My only goal was just to work as hard as I could. In that regard, I felt I didn't meet my expectation.

Q. Do you ever pinch yourself and think about all the things that happened to you already in your life?

CHRIS DRURY: Yeah, sure, sometimes. But, you know, when I go home tonight and after we have the dinner with my family, I mean, it's over. I'm not going to be dreaming about it or thinking about it the rest of the summer. We have next season to get ready for.

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