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June 2, 2001

Chris Dingman

Chris Drury

Colin White


Q. Four Playoff assists in his first Playoff experience, tell me what it was like, that assist?

CHRIS DINGMAN: Yeah, I mean hadn't been out there yet, that period with the penalties and the way the game is going I just talked to Danny, chipped it up the wall, just let their "D" counter me, I know they are being physical, stepping up on guys, and I just wanted to put it through to Chris. He has got such great finishing moves. Just got to give him the puck and he is going to get the job done.

Q. Chris, this is an awfully good hockey club. You know that you are going to play maybe 6, 7 minutes a night. What kind of mindset do you have to have to contribute every game?

CHRIS DINGMAN: You have got keep it simple for one. You have got to provide energy every time you are out there. We just got to put it in deep; got to cycle it, take it to the net and take the body and I mean that period Patty was huge, he held us in there, they are all over us we were scrambling. All you have got to is change the momentum and we got lucky we did.

Q. Colin, how tough was it to give up the go-ahead goal to the Avalanche when you had been all over them?

COLIN WHITE: Yeah, we had the momentum, that's four sure. We scored a shorthanded goal. We took control of the game. We gave one up. We can't quit now. We have got to come out in the third and get that goal and go ahead a goal.

Q. You outshot them 11 to 4. Did Larry Robinson say something between periods to get you turned around?

COLIN WHITE: No, I mean we came out hard tonight. That's what we wanted to do, and we are trying to get it in deep and wear their D down. It is tough they have got a good solid "D".

Q. Something of a normal experience for the Devils in this fourth round in that you have had to play from behind from almost all of it. Has it befuddled the team?

COLIN WHITE: It is not fun, that's four sure. Guys are working hard. We will go out in the third, try to catch up, hopefully go into overtime or something get in maybe two.

Q. Chris, take us through the breakaway, great individual effort, Stanley Cup Finals, when do you make the decision about what move you are going to make?

CHRIS DRURY: I don't know, I don't even know if I even thought about it. I mean I knew I was coming in on a weird angle out of my backhand and thought I could kind of suck him in and take it wide and glad it worked.

Q. Kind of a rollercoaster period for you guys. You have the lead. How about the emotion, the ups-and-downs in that period?

CHRIS DRURY: Yeah, that was unbelievable. They were taking hits pretty hard there, and we are lucky to come away with a one in that period, but we have got to put that behind us and play this period like it is 0-0 and go get another one.

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