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July 16, 2005

Michael Campbell


STEWART McDOUGALL: Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Campbell, 68 today for a total of 209, 7 under par and the leader in the clubhouse.

It's nice to be at this stage at 3 under for The Open Championship. What do you think?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: It looks like Pinehurst, revisited. Goose is up there 2 shots in front of me, and Tiger and a bunch of other guys. I'm very satisfied with today's play, after a disappointing yesterday. I knew I was playing well enough if I stayed patient, which you've got to be around this golf course. I got impatient on the golf course yesterday. Besides that, it's nice to shoot a low one today.

Q. If you set out tomorrow morning, what would be the biggest gap that you would like to try and face over the leaders, if you see what I mean, or gap you wouldn't like to take on?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I suppose it depends on what Tiger does in the next 14 holes, whatever he's playing, really. I can see he can make a few birdies coming in, so he'll probably make 12 or 13 under. You've got the 9th hole and the 18th hole, drivable holes. So there are birdie holes out there for him. If I'm faced with five shots behind Tiger I may have a chance.

Q. You said yesterday, Michael, that St. Andrews maybe owes you one. Do you feel you're making up for lost time now?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yeah. I came close 10 years ago, but didn't quite get over the hurdle. I feel like I had a few lucky bounces, so she was nice to me today. I missed a few bunkers somehow. But I think I've done my time, and maybe tomorrow could be the day when I could go out and do the business.

Q. How different does the feel going into a final round when you know that you've won a major?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I feel very, very confident. I know that I gained a lot of experience a month ago when I won Pinehurst there. I feel that the experience is going to hold me through if I do get in a situation if I'm in a running to win another major championship, and this can hold me in good stead for tomorrow.

Q. As much as you go through following a major championship win, are you glad that this one came up so quickly and at St. Andrews?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Absolutely. I think it's I think we play three within six weeks, don't we? Which is great for me. Especially when you're on a good run, good form, it's easy to take that over. And I have done that in the last three weeks or so, especially this week, to come back after winning a major championship, three weeks later or a month later to play so well again, to prove a point that I'm not just a flash in the pan. I'm here for a very long time and I want to win more majors, more major championships. I think the hardest one is the first one. And the rest will hopefully get a little easier, because you always gain on experience during that time. And I did my time at Pinehurst and I'm looking forward to the next 24 hours.

Q. Realistically you've shot two 68's out there. What would be


Q. There's been a couple of 66's. Do you think someone could go lower, if needed, tomorrow?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Well, the forecast, I think, is going to be pretty windy. Sunday is going to be around 25, 20 knots, that's the prediction. If that does happen, you won't see 65s then. Goosie played well today. He shot 66 in these conditions. But you play the first 12, 13 holes where it wasn't too bad. And the last six holes for me the wind was really increased, the wind strength. We'll see what happens.

Q. Michael, I know it didn't end quite the way you wanted to last time here, but still, obviously, you played well here. What is it about St. Andrews that brings out good things in you?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think I just really enjoy being here, being part of the whole tournament, being part of the atmosphere it creates. Every single tee shot I see out there I like. Every time I come across a hole, I really enjoy playing it differently, every time I stand on the greens. I really enjoy the whole atmosphere of St. Andrews, the history, what it's done for a lot of golfers in the past. I just feel that it's just a wonderful place to play golf. I feel really at ease with this.

Q. The 18th hole, when we're standing outside the ropes it just looks so easy from a driving standpoint, obviously. Is it a good finishing hole for a major championship? And if so, why, and if not, why?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: I think probably not. If they bring it back another 40, 50 yards to the left hand side, it would be a tough hole then because the guys would be just hitting ten yards short of the green, and it's hard to chip from there. So if they add another 40, 50 yards lengthwise it's going to be a really tough hole to finish up with. Right now guys hitting 3 woods. Adam hit a 3 wood, Goosie hit a 3 wood. It's a very, very short hole for a finishing hole, I agree. You can't really miss the fairway, because it's so wide. It's quite a weak finishing hole. But move it back 40 yards, that brings it back into play.

Q. On this occasion, are your wife and children here?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Yes, they are.

Q. You won't be needing the cheer up phone call in the morning?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: No, she's here in the flesh.

End of FastScripts.

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