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June 4, 2002

Boyd Devereaux

Dominik Hasek

Kirk Maltby

Brendan Shanahan

Steve Yzerman


Q. When you don't score on the powerplay so late in the third period, does that hurt your chances to win the game?

STEVE YZERMAN: No, I don't think we had blown it. It was certainly a good opportunity, two minutes to go in the game. But it wasn't a blown play. When you don't score, you just keep playing.

Q. Do you think it was difficult coming from an emotional game against Colorado and trying to get rolling again?

STEVE YZERMAN: Maybe a little bit. We didn't play a crisp game. We employed a different team; Colorado was more of a counterattack team. We had more time coming out of our zone. This team, they are D pinch on all of your breakouts. They stand up in their zone there and they don't play a typical sit-back game. They play much more aggressive. And that was something we didn't adapt well to.

Q. Can you be happy about how the team played? There was a lot of powerplays. Can you be happy with the flow?

DOMINIK HASEK: We can't be happy because we lost. They didn't give us anything. We didn't have any chance. They are a very good team. We had one or two good chances. I think both teams could have won. However, I think the way they played, there weren't too many chances.

Q. Were you expecting them to be that tough?

DOMINIK HASEK: They didn't surprise us. We knew they could play, play rounded out, and they can win games. The way we're feeling, it is a tough loss. But we're not surprised because they have been winning their rounds and this is their 5th or 6th overtime win in the Playoffs.

Q. You guys are 1-and-4 in the overtime Playoffs, is that a fluke or does it suggest you need to do better in that fourth period?

DOMINIK HASEK: We played against good teams, and this game today, like I said, they were smarter. I don't know what happened in the overtime. It happened so fast. All of a sudden the puck was in the net.

Q. What did you think of the game?

BOYD DEVEREAUX: We certainly expected it to be a good game, and it turned out to be that way. But it's just one game and we will learn from it and it is behind us and we will look forward to Thursday.

Q. Are you surprised by the number of powerplays?

BOYD DEVEREAUX: Yeah, it seems the whole second period was all penalty killing and powerplay. Whether that continues or not, we will never know, but hopefully it's not a theme for the whole series.

Q. Are you surprised about how they played their game? Did anything surprise you at all?

KIRK MALTBY: They clogged it up pretty well and we came out not playing our best, but I think they played well and they got full marks for it and they played their system. I think the first little bit was a bit of a feeling out process, but we have to be able to adjust and we just didn't get it done tonight. We will have to be a lot better the next time.

Q. Did you think that you gave the Hurricanes enough respect going into the game?

BRENDAN SHANAHAN: I don't think that we disrespected them. I think we felt coming in that they were playing great hockey. I don't think it was a lack of respect. It is just we played poorly. I think we tried to make things happen that weren't there. We tried to stay on the ice too long trying to make things happen. It was like we were trying to win it on every single shift. We weren't doing the things that we were doing that brought us success in the other rounds. We know it and we will get back to it. I think sometimes when you are at home you want to impress the crowd. You want to make things happen. But they are a patient team, and sometimes you have to play patient as well. They were the better team tonight. They played the way a team is supposed to play in the Stanley Cup Finals and we didn't. We played sloppy. We left the zone too early. Our shifts were too long and our line changes were sloppy.

Q. What about the overtime? Talk about the overtime.

BRENDAN SHANAHAN: Anything can happen in overtime. It went off a couple of bodies. It was kind of a pinball play, but that's the danger of being in overtime. Our powerplay has to improve. We scored a goal, but I don't think it -- they had the opportunity to capitalize on the powerplay, and I didn't think they did.

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