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February 2, 2003

Marc Crawford

Jacques Martin


Q. Do either of you know how this works out, Dany Heatley scored four in regulation, scored one in the shootout. Does that mean he now holds the goal-scoring record for the All-Stars games, and ties for the points of record?

JACQUES MARTIN: That's a question you have to point to the league. I don't know how they count that. He showed he had a lot of skills.

Q. Marc, did that experience in '99 sort of prepare you for this?

MARC CRAWFORD: As I remember correctly, it was '98, and it's funny, Bob told me about it yesterday. Bob always likes to be prepared in the broadcast. He and I said, "Okay, Bob you get to choose." We talked about it a little bit and I said I want to make sure we have at least one from as much as teams as we can. There is a couple good candidates from two teams, and the hardest decision I had was deciding between Naslund and Bertuzzi and deciding between Modano and Guerin. It was great.

Q. Jacques, toward the end you played Dany a lot, and were you aware of his record possibilities at that point in the game?

JACQUES MARTIN: I was, but I think that's the only line we got some scoring today, so we tried to win the game. It shows players are competitive like in the late stages of the game when it was on the line, you saw them really compete hard. It shows what kind of people they are.

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