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June 7, 2002

Chris Chelios

Kris Draper

Brett Hull

Luc Robitaille

Steve Yzerman


Q. Playing on the road you guys have had so much success. You have actually been better than you were at home. Any reason for that?

LUC ROBITAILLE: I don't know what the reason is. But for us as a team, we play the same game. I think the key is that we have so many veterans that have been around for so long, that I think that makes a big difference for sure.

Q. Last night's one-two punch at the end, was that a defining moment of the series?

LUC ROBITAILLE: Time will tell. But certainly for us, that was a big boost. Certainly that goal coming right after the second goal kind of sealed the deal for our game. It was timely and couldn't have been any better.

Q. What do you expect to see from the 'Canes tomorrow?

LUC ROBITAILLE: Pretty much the same. They are playing a good defensive style right now. They have been real patient throughout every series. They play a real patient game. Their big games are coming through for them. I expect pretty much the same game from them.

Q. How frustrating has it been because they are kind of taking you out of their game?

LUC ROBITAILLE: It's not that frustrating. It is just frustrating when you don't win. But I think last night we did some good forechecking, and that's the reason why we drew so many penalties out of them. We were working well down low and we are going to have to do even more of that next game.

Q. Things got a little bit emotional there at the end of the game. What happened there?

BRETT HULL: I don't worry about stuff like that. Obviously when someone is in Nick's face, a guy like Darren is going to go out there and make sure nothing happens. I think he was very respectful of Rod Brind'Amour, because he could have done damage. And he just made sure that nothing would happen.

Q. Being in the League as long as you have and being in a hockey family, do you think it's strange having a Stanley Cup Final here in North Carolina?

BRETT HULL: Yeah, I don't know if it's strange or not because they just came from Hartford, and Hartford has always been a good town from the WHA days. Plus, I came from Dallas and won a Stanley Cup there, so it doesn't matter where it is. But if the fans are enthusiastic and enjoy watching the game and support the them, then you kind of have to get used to it being a hockey town, or at least a well-supported hockey town.

Q. Do you see any comparisons to how Dallas adapted to the Stars?

BRETT HULL: I can't really answer it because I have been so far away from here. But the way Dallas has taken to the Stars, I don't think anyone ever would have thought it as great as it is, and is going to be. Being friends with Guy Carbonneau, he was there from basically the beginning and explained to me how it was until I got there, and it's a great story. And hopefully that will happen here, because this is a great place.

Q. How important is the Draper-McCarty line to the team?

BRETT HULL: They are very important; not only on the ice, but off the ice, the way they play physically. And they are great defensively, but they can also score. I think every team that's successful needs a line like that. And I think the teams that are more successful and go the furthest probably have the best of those guys. And we're fortunate to have them.

Q. Paul Maurice was saying that your line being called the fourth line is a misnomer. Do you feel the same way?

KRIS DRAPER: I don't think we have ever been labeled the fourth line. When you look at the line combinations that Scotty Bowman can put together, obviously there's some tremendous talent out there. But I think every line has a 600 goal scorer on it, except for ours. But we feel that if we go out and work hard, Scotty is going to try to use us against the other team's top lines. And if we go out and play hard and play tough, then we can be effective for our hockey club. And we also feel confident that if we do get chances around the net, then we can score

Q. Throughout your career you have played hockey in very traditional hockey cities. What do you feel about a Cup being played here?

CHRIS CHELIOS: This is their first taste of the Stanley Cup down here. They are going to be excited; they are going to be loud. I have heard Mr. Karmanos's lines about the audience here. They are going to be cheering for their team. It's going to be a great atmosphere. It doesn't feel all that strange. When I look at Ronnie Francis, I think Hartford Whalers. They have been here for a few years now, and they have established a good team to make it to the Finals. Obviously, they are a good team and we're up against a good team and we have got to play tough against them.

Q. What kind of bonus is it to have guys like McCarty and Draper?

STEVE YZERMAN: That can be the difference between winning and losing. They come up with timely goals for us. They have done that in the past and they are doing it this year. Last night if they didn't score those two goals we were in a 1-1 game. So they have been very important for us.

Q. Yes, you got the victory, but are you feeling good about the way you are playing?

STEVE YZERMAN: I thought we played a strong game. We were pleased with how we played after the second period. We need to stick with it here. And we're playing well. We'll be all right. We're not going to change anything. We got two quick goals, but very pleased with how we played.

Q. Could you talk about Scotty Bowman and what it's like to play for Scotty?

STEVE YZERMAN: I have really enjoyed the, I think it's the nine years he has been here. He doesn't get real close to the players. He's not the kind of coach that opens his door and allows you to come in and chat. He's very business-like. Very business-minded, you show up at the time you are expected to, you do what you are expected to do and let the coaches coach and you guys play and do as expected. With a bunch of older guys on our team we're kind of given a little extra room to do what we want, when we want off the ice, but there's no question that it's his team. He's deciding who plays and where they play and how much they play. And we're comfortable with that.

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