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September 6, 1992

Chuck Adams


Q. Lendl has been down a set, lost the first set in all three of his matches so far. When you get ahead of him like that, do you realize that he is the type of player that is more likely to come back; less likely to sort of mentally break down; that he will keep on fighting. Does that go through your mind?

CHUCK ADAMS: Well, I think it is advantageous to be a set up, because if you hang in, in the second set, I was up a break twice, and I somehow closed out that set, and got lucky a couple of points, he is down two sets to love and things aren't so comfortable for him. At that point, if I had gotten that second set, I am thinking I have nothing to lose, I'm up two sets to love. Just come out banging. I wasn't getting that tired. The points weren't really that long and the conditions out there were-- it was cool out there, I mean, I didn't think playing four, five sets was the worst thing that could happen. Knowing him, if you are up a set, you have a good shot going five sets; that is when he tends to get a little nervous. Being up a set is definitely an advantage.

Q. What happened in the tenth game? The last game of the second set?

CHUCK ADAMS: Last game of the second -- I wasn't really nervous. I just -- the wind was blowing a little bit, we had new balls, it wasn't gripping my strings. Then, I doublefaulted twice, then, I was, like, crazy. I am getting myself in a bit of a hole. That is when he seems to play a little bit better-- is when he is up. He hits the ball a little deeper, playing a little more confident. You kind have got to fight him off early, before he gets too confident and he is just rolling. And you know, I think it was an accumulation of the game getting broken all through that set, after being up a break twice. One side I was playing against the wind. It was a little tough because his balls were going deeper, so I couldn't get in on it. The last game, it just got away from me a little bit. Had I had that game again, I think I would have just hit three-quarter serves and made him play.

Q. Did you sense that losing the first set made any difference to him? Did you see any reaction to it in the way he played or looked?

CHUCK ADAMS: He seemed to get a little bit better maybe the last set, but I think Connors made a good point. I watched that match, he doesn't play like he used to. He is not hitting the ball, you know, I am baiting him with a lot short balls that he could go for, and that he just doesn't do it. He leads you back in the points. I feel that is where I was able to dig myself out of some rough situations.

Q. So Connors said he is bunting the ball, that was the expression he used. Just sort-- I think he even used the expression, fear, in regard to him coming up. Do you essentially see that too?

CHUCK ADAMS: Well, I knew that I would have my opportunities, you know, I didn't think -- knowing -- the way he played against Connors, I knew that, you know, he wasn't going to blow me off the court. He is not trying to do that. And, you know, he is basically trying to move the guy around and outlast him, in a sense, and serve big, but with the conditions, you know, you can't -- anyone can go 5 sets. We are all pretty fit. I think on a hot day, it separates a few guys. But out here, today, you know, going 5 sets wasn't the worse thing that could happen.

Q. You have played him, I take it, quite a number of times,?

CHUCK ADAMS: Who, Lendl?

Q. Yes.

CHUCK ADAMS: I never played him before. I practiced with him once, about three, four years ago. Then he is serving so much harder, it seemed like.

Q. Now, you mean?

CHUCK ADAMS: No, then, and hitting out on the backhand. I mean, it took him two sets before he hit through one backhand. You know, he is chipping every backhand. I think in order for him to win this event, or get to the finals, he has got to loosen up and go for it, I think. He is certainly capable.

Q. Thank you very much.

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