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March 21, 1998

Andre Agassi


Q. Did you see Nicolas play in Australia and what did you think of his game today?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, I saw him play in Australia. He certainly is playing well there. Today was very breezy, very windy. He takes a pretty good cut at the ball. He can make some good -- great shots and some errors. I was just hoping today just to play tight, play inside myself, not give him a chance to take too many clean -- get too many clean looks at the ball and hope that, you know, that he wouldn't just be making winners. He missed a lot.


Q. You seem to enjoy the applause afterwards a great deal. Was there ever a time when you wondered whether you would ever soak it in like that again?

ANDRE AGASSI: No. I mean, I knew once I committed to the work, that it would happen again, as far as just being able to play well and feel good about my efforts on the court. But the question was when, and it is just nice for it to happen this soon.


Q. Andre, Gully just announced the team members for the Davis Cup. Do you have any comments about?

ANDRE AGASSI: What did he announce?


Q. Todd Martin, Jim Courier and Richey Reneberg.

ANDRE AGASSI: All right.


Q. Any comments with your team members?

ANDRE AGASSI: A lot of veterans on that team. We will be well prepared.


Q. Speaking about Nicolas, do you think he had a fluke in Australia or he can be a top player or --

ANDRE AGASSI: It is tough to say. He missed a lot of first serves. I don't really know if his serve is not that good or -- and, you know, he can make a lot of errors. But apparently he can -- if he gets to the semis after the Slam, he has beaten guys in some tough matches. Wasn't like he was just getting lucky by any means. He was working hard. I am sure I didn't see his best tennis today. But seems like the semis was a good result for him.


Q. How about you, were you happy with your play and the score?

ANDRE AGASSI: Yeah, I am. I am very pleased with the way I am playing.


Q. Is it difficult to make the transition from Indian Wells to here with the wind, with the heavier conditions maybe?

ANDRE AGASSI: It is actually an easier adjustment, I feel, because you can start hitting out on your shots a little more. The wind is always difficult, but thank goodness it is windy on both sides of the court.


Q. Some players seem to cope better with the wind than others. Is it a technical problem or do you think your game is --

ANDRE AGASSI: There are a few factors make a person a good wind player or not. I think, first of all, you have to have good footwork. A little footwork, not necessarily fast, but good adjustment. Got to be able to adjust. The people who can hit the ball, if they have a bigger strike zone, if the ball is up high, if the ball is down low, they can still take a good swing. Some players like the ball in a certain pocket, it is difficult for them. Or if you have a high ball toss. So there a few factors that make certain games better for the wind.


Q. Do you feel your game is good for the wind, I suppose?

ANDRE AGASSI: I have always considered myself a good wind player. I have the ability to hit flat through the winds or to play with spin, that makes a difference, too.


Q. We missed you at Wimbledon last year. How do you feel about coming back?

ANDRE AGASSI: It is one of the best stops in the year. Looking forward to it a great deal.


Q. Can you talk little bit about how you felt last year at the Lipton versus this year, what are some differences?

ANDRE AGASSI: You know, I mean, on the court obviously was a huge differences. I mean, I had no confidence in my game last year; no real work no preparation behind me, no matches, no -- not that much training and I felt like was miles away. This year is quite different. I feel like I can win matches, not playing well and then play well at the right times, so it is a considerable difference.


Q. Had you stopped enjoying it already this time last year?

ANDRE AGASSI: You never he enjoy it when you are used to winning and you are not winning anymore. It is not enjoyable.


Q. Do you feel you are serious contender at Wimbledon this year?



Q. Will you do any grass preparation beforehand or --

ANDRE AGASSI: I haven't made my schedule yet for that part of the season. Next Grand Slam is the French, so, it is hard to look past that.


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