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May 14, 2003

Chad Campbell


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Chad, thanks for joining us for a few minutes in the media center at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. You had a great year. Why don't you talk about your year and maybe some of your goals.

CHAD CAMPBELL: Thanks a lot, I appreciated it. It's been a good year so far this year. I felt it lot more comfortable than I did last year.

Just knowing the course, and you know, more like feeling like I've been out here, and it's been a lot easier and some of the goals, goals coming up to be in the top-10 on the money list through next week which would get me into some tournaments, and you know just trying to improve every week and hopefully by the end of the year pick up a win.


Q. Are you surprised you are in the top-10?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Not necessarily. I didn't really feel like I felt like I played not terrible, but didn't play that well at all last year. I don't know if it was since this was my first year learning the courses and the new environment. This year I feel like I have been playing up to my ability.

Q. Do you have a money list goal coming into the season?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Actually, yes, top 30. Maybe try to readjust that one.

Q. How many people get you confused with Michael?

CHAD CAMPBELL: With Michael, it actually happened today. Somebody asked me, which he thought I was Michael, for an autograph. It happens every once in a while.

Q. Chad, what's it going to take to win out here since you have the 2 courses to deal with?

CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know. I really don't even no what's won in the past. Is it around 17, 18-under? Somewhere around there. Something like that. I would guess, you know, 17, 18-under has got to and be a score depending on the wind and the weather.

But figure if we had wind like we had today, 15 miles an hour, it should be a good score somewhere in there.

Q. Based on what you have seen of the 2 courses, what will it take from your game to be successful?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Driving it in the fairway especially over at Cottonwood, there is some nasty rough. It seems to be a little worse over there than on the other course TPC course. If you drive it in the fairway, you get a lot of shorter irons in your hand and a lot of chances for birdie.

Q. What's it like living here? Has it been a good base for you?

CHAD CAMPBELL: Yes, it's been great. I have been here for 5 years now. Now that I finally made it out here, and get to fly to all of my tournaments, it's a great place to fly out of. You can get directly to pretty much where you want.

Q. We were talking about a possible score, obviously it can vary depending on a conditions, it can get pretty windy out here, one thing that's been said is a lot of different types of players have won here, shot makers, big drivers.

Do you see that as an advantage knowing that it can take different ways to do it.

CHAD CAMPBELL: I think that's good on a course that doesn't just favor one particular type of player. Not just the longer hitter. Anybody, like you said, anybody has a chance. Going by the past, anybody has a chance to win, and I think that makes for a good tournament.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Everybody all set? Thanks, Chad, for joining us.

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