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January 21, 2005

Mario Ancic


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. Do you have any regrets?

MARIO ANCIC: No, I mean, I think first two sets were pretty tight. He won one; I won the second. So, you know, I was feeling pretty good on the court. And then, you know, I make third and fourth set just couple unforced errors which cost me the match. He's great player and, you know, he doesn't give you too much opportunities. You know, I blew a little bit my own opportunities. So that's the life when you play with the big players.

Q. Do you watch more with him his temperament because sometimes he gets a bit upset? Do you hope he'll get angry at himself and beat himself a little bit?

MARIO ANCIC: No, I mean, I'm not worried if he going to wake up good or not. I was focused on my tennis, how to, you know, play best so I can beat him tennis-wise. We are all little bit different in temperaments. But, no, I was just focused on my game. I think until that just couple unforced errors when he broke me third set and then, you know, he get the momentum and he didn't give me too much chances to come back.

Q. Were you missing anything because of the ankle and the time you missed coming into the tournament?

MARIO ANCIC: Well, I mean, you know, I was more -- first couple rounds I was more worried about how to go in there because I didn't play matches for long time. It was worrying. Now when I came to third round, I was pretty confident. Ankle is -- more or less it's pretty good. You know, was no problem with the ankle.

Q. Did you think he'd been injured when he fell to the ground in the fourth set?

MARIO ANCIC: This, I mean, it's not I'm keeping my finger crossed that he wakes up bad or injure himself. You know, it's just a tennis match. I was hoping he's good. I was not thinking, "Is he broke his leg?" I was just hoping he was good, we can continue playing good tennis.

Q. You had quite a long conversation at the end. What was said?

MARIO ANCIC: No, I mean, I congratulate him. He was playing better, I think. It was entertaining match for all. We were out there it was four sets, but we spend some time on the centre court. I wish him luck to go further.

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