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November 17, 1997

Sabine Appelmans


Q. You certainly didn't come as close as you did in Australia was that better?

SABINE APPELMANS: I think the big difference was I was serving very well from the beginning and that's what was the big difference. I think in this match I felt like I had no chance of breaking her serves. One time I got close, 40-15, I knew I had to win my serve to stay in the match every time. I think that's where the big difference was. She was hitting the balls so hard from the back of the court. I think she was playing pretty well.

Q. Are you looking forward to having some time off?

SABINE APPELMANS: Oh, yes I am. It has been a very long season and year. It has been a long last week also with all the pressure of not knowing whether I was going to play here or not. I'm going to take time off and practice for next season. In one way I'm happy to take the time off. I'm eager to start practicing. I played good matches this year and so it's motivating for me. I'm still improving.

Q. How do you spend your holiday time when you are not playing tennis? What will you be doing?

SABINE APPELMANS: When I'm at home, I like to visit my family and friends and go out with them, but my next holiday is going to be my honeymoon. So, that's going to be special. We're going to go away. I like the beach and water sports. I like the sun, so, it is going to be something like that.

Q. When are you going to get married?

SABINE APPELMANS: I got married the 13th of September, two months ago.

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